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5.02 "The Lie"

Created by christopherm

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : LOST: Season 5
502 The Lie game quiz
"This second episode of the fifth season, largely revolves around Hurley. The effort to gather the Oceanic Six becomes more complicated."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. It's three years in the past. The survivors, including Frank and Penny, are discussing the necessity of lying to the media. They all agree, with the exception of one. Who suggests that they tell the truth?

2. Who appears to pull Hurley over during a traffic incident?
    Ana Lucia
    Space Ghost

3. Sawyer finally gets a shirt to wear. From whom does Sawyer get a shirt?

4. Kate seems to be in a bit of trouble. An unknown client has initiated a court order to determine the relationship between Kate and Aaron. While on the run, from whom does she receive a surprise phone call?

5. Ben needs to find a reasonably safe place to secure John's body. Where does he take John's body?
    the main library
    a grocery store
    a police station
    a butcher shop

6. Hurley's father has settled down to delight in a wonderful sandwich, in his easy chair. A knock comes at the door. Who is it?
    Hurley and Sayid
    The F.B.I.
    The L.A. Police

7. Juliet and Sawyer are traversing through the jungle in order to meet the other survivors. Suddenly, they are attacked. One of the attackers threatens to sever both of Juliet's hands. Someone appears to save them. Who is it?
    Richard Alpert
    Christian Shephard
    Ben Linus
    John Locke

8. Hurley is cooking what appears to be a hot pocket in the microwave oven. Ben, suddenly appears. Ben artfully tries to persuade Hurley to join them in their return to the island. How does Hurley respond?
    Hurley says, "Never dude."
    Hurley is stupefied and has no idea what to say.
    He says, "fine, let's go."
    He says, "I'll do whatever you say."

9. In an unusual display of respect to another character, Ben says, that he has lost Hurley. She tells him that he only has 70 hours to complete the task, at hand. What does she say will happen if Ben cannot complete the mission on time?
    "Ah, fiddlesticks."
    "Well, those are the breaks."
    "Then, God help us all."
    "You win some and you lose some."

10. Earlier, Juliet suggests that they all go back the beach. Miles says, "Why should we go back to the beach, if there is nothing to go back to?" What does Juliet say?
    "So, stay here."
    "The waves will relax you."
    "You can get a tan."
    "Maybe, you can collect some seashells."

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Compiled Jun 28 12