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San Francisco Sluggers

Created by mrgrouchy

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San Francisco Sluggers game quiz
"The San Francisco Giants were blessed with a formidable array of sluggers between 1958 and 1989. Please take this fun quiz on some of the best all-time Giants players. Enjoy!"

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1. In 1968 and 1969, this Giants' slugger led the National League in both home runs and runs batted in. Can you name this superstar?
    Willie McCovey
    Orlando Cepeda
    Willie Mays
    Bobby Bonds

2. In 1972, the San Francisco Giants traded aging superstar Willie Mays to the New York Mets. Which pitcher did they get in return?
    Ron Bryant
    Charlie Williams
    Gary Lavelle
    Ed Halicki

3. Which San Francisco Giants player was known as the "Baby Bull"?
    Orlando Cepeda
    Leon Wagner
    Bill White
    Willie Kirkland

4. Felipe Alou was an excellent outfielder for San Francisco from 1958 to 1963. His brothers Matty and Jesus joined him to form an all-Alou outfield on September 15, 1963. Which team provided the opposition?
    St. Louis
    Los Angeles

5. Which member of the San Francisco Giants was chosen as the MVP of the 1973 All-Star game?
    Darrell Evans
    Bobby Murcer
    Chris Speier
    Bobby Bonds

6. In 1964, which San Francisco Giants infielder belted 31 home runs in his rookie season?
    Hal Lanier
    Jim Davenport
    Jim Ray Hart
    Jose Pagan

7. In 1973, which San Francisco Giants player captured National League Rookie of the Year honors?
    Garry Maddox
    Gary Matthews
    George Foster
    Dave Kingman

8. Jack Clark was an important part of the San Francisco Giants lineup from 1975 to 1984. With which team did Clark finish his Major League career?
    Boston Red Sox
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    New York Yankees
    Atlanta Braves

9. On April 8, 1986, San Francisco first baseman Will Clark homered in his first big league at-bat. Which Hall of Fame pitcher surrendered this blast?
    Phil Niekro
    Nolan Ryan
    Don Sutton
    Fergie Jenkins

10. Which 1984 San Francisco Giants all-star player later managed the Arizona Diamondbacks to a World Series title?
    Dusty Baker
    Bob Brenly
    Steve Nicosia
    Dan Gladden

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