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All About Soccer

Created by soccerstar_15

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All About Soccer game quiz
"Do you want to play soccer? If so, take this quiz to learn the basic rules of the game."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. How many players per team are on the field at one time for each team (full field)?

2. Everyone is allowed to use their hands whilst the ball is in play, but usually only the goalie uses them.

3. How long is an official professionally sanctioned game?
    60 mins
    45 mins
    30 mins
    90 mins

4. How big is a regulation official soccer goal?
    2.00m high, 7.00m wide
    1.67m high, 7.48m wide
    3.11m high, 8.04m wide
    2.44m high, 7.32m wide

5. If a ball hits a crossbar or post, it is out of play.

6. Official fields must be 80 yards by 40 yards?

7. A soccer game is divided into how many equal parts?
    2 halves
    3 periods
    4 quarters
    9 innings

8. How many officials are there in professional soccer on the field?
    2 referees, 2 linesman
    1 referee, 2 linesman
    1 referee, 1 linesman
    2 referees, 1 linesman

9. What do soccer players not typically wear?
    shin guards
    long socks

10. What happens when the ball goes off the side of the field?
    A throw in by one team
    A coin toss
    A kick in by one team
    The linesman kicks it back in

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Compiled Jun 28 12