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Saw V

Created by KG6835

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Saw V game quiz
"The "Saw" Series, by far, is the most compelling and intresting set of movies I have ever seen! Here is the first "Saw V" quiz, and i hope you enjoy it. ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What is the name of the trap Seth finds himself in at the beginning of "Saw V?"
    Clock trap
    Pendulum trap
    Bell trap
    Slicer trap

2. What does Agent Strahm decide to do, after playing the message from Jigsaw while locked in the sick room?
    He ignores the message and enters the hallways.
    He leaves the room and finds test victims.
    He stays in the room and waits for help.
    He kills himself.

3. Five people wake up in a room with collars attached to their necks. What will happen if they do not retrieve a key in time?
    They will be choked to death.
    They will be decapitated.
    They will have their throats ripped out.
    Their necks will be sliced open.

4. In each room there are traps that will trigger and kill anyone that is left inside the room alive. What are the traps?
    Exploding broken glass
    Exploding nail bomb jars
    Exploding fire bombs
    Exploding saw blades

5. Who are the names of the people in the five to one trap?
    Brit, Ron, Luba, Mallik, Ashley
    Agent Straum, Charles, Luba, Ashley, Brit
    Brit, Charles, Luba, Mallik, Ashley
    Mallik, Det Hoffman, Ashley, Luba, Brit

6. Which character is killed in the neck collar trap?

7. While the five people are talking, they find out, through Charles, that Luba's father owns a famous sports team. Which team does Mallik say her father owned?
    The Cougars
    The Falcons
    The Eagles
    The Raiders

8. Agent Strahm is hot on Det. Hoffman's tail. What does he find out about Det Hoffman that concludes his belief that Hoffman is inovolved as an accomplice?
    Hoffman was involved in setting up the "Saw II" house
    Hoffman was involved in Pauls Razor Wire Trap in "Saw I"
    Hoffman was involved in Seth Baxter's Pendulum Trap
    All of the Above

9. What does Brit discover about the keys from the neck collar trap?
    One specific key is diffrent from the others and it will unlock the exit
    Each key would have worked for each door at the end of each trap
    All the keys have colors on the back which give the code to the exit door
    All the keys matched and one could have unlocked all collars

10. Mallik confesses to Brit that he knows one of the people since the beginning of the game. Who does he know?

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Compiled Jun 28 12