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Second Stage Lensman - E. E. 'Doc' Smith.

Created by johnfair

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Second Stage Lensman  E E Doc Smith game quiz
"'Second Stage Lensman' is the fifth installment in E. E. 'Doc' Smith's enthralling 'Lensman' series. In it, Kinnison and the Patrol continue their fight against the forces of Boskone. Please rate the quiz once you've answered the questions."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Clarissa and Kinnison thought that they'd get a chance to get to know each other better after the destruction of the Eich. Who disabused them of this thought?
    Port Admiral Haynes.
    Mentor of Arisia.
    Surgeon Marshall Lacy.
    A disembodied voice.

2. What did the intervention cause Kinnison to realise?
    That the Council of Boskone wasn't the top echelon of Civilisation's enemy.
    That Clarissa was really an enemy agent trying to divert him from his task.
    That Arisia could go hang!
    That he'd better start looking for a care home for Mentor.

3. While Kinnison considered his options, what was Haynes doing?
    Planning to take over the Galactic Patrol.
    Planning the defence of Earth.
    Haynes is an old man; it's time to relax.
    Haynes decided it was time to take the fight to the enemy.

4. Why did Kinnison think Haynes's defence plans were screwy?
    The Boskonians had a hyper-spatial tube.
    He thought that Haynes was too conservative.
    He realised that the Boskonians could not put up much of an attacking force.
    Kinnison though that Haynes was completely correct.

5. Who reassured Kinnison and Haynes that their worst fears were heedless?
    Van Buskirk.
    Tom the shoe shine boy.
    Sir Austin Cardynge.

6. While Kinnison was waiting for the Boskonians to turn up, he made a side trip. What was the result of this?
    The mathematics for a new weapon.
    He was really missing Clarissa.
    A new, undetectable spaceship.
    The fishing was great on Centralia that season.

7. When the Boskonians finally arrived, how many planets did they bring with them?

8. How did Kinnison trace the Boskonians in the home galaxy?
    The pirates.
    Bent judges.
    Crooked politicians.
    The drug runners, the zwilniks.

9. Where did Kinnison find his key zwilnik?

10. After nearly losing his zwilnik, Kinnison had a long chase out to an unexplored region. Which was it?
    Germaine's Region.
    Jacob's Region.
    Dunstan's Region.
    Nicholas's Region.

11. Which member of Kinnison's crew wanted to land the Dauntless 'on her tail'?

12. What job did the first person that Kinnison met, when the Dauntless landed, do?
    She was the airport manager.
    She was the planetary leader.
    He was an aircraft maintenance tech.
    He was the local lawman.

13. What happened to the zwilnik Kinnison had been tracking?
    The zwilnik persuaded the locals to fight to the death for her.
    He was taken prisoner, but 'shot while escaping'.
    He took her prisoner and persuaded her that Civilisation was a good idea.
    The zwilnik refused to be taken prisoner and killed himself.

14. Clarissa MacDougall is, as we might guess, a special woman. What in particular marked her out for honour?
    She was killed defending her hospital from a Boskonian attack.
    She became the first female lensperson.
    She let Kim Kinnison marry someone else for political considerations.
    Clarissa betrays Civilisation to Boskone.

15. While Clarissa undertook her own investigations, Kinnison went into deep cover once more. Who did he become this time?
    The local village idiot.
    A scientific genius-for-hire.
    A mendicant monk.
    A jewel thief.

16. What was Kinnison's target while in deep cover?
    The planet Lonabar.
    The dread planet Ploor.
    The planet Thrale.
    Edorre itself.

17. When boss-man Bleeko blew up Kinnison's establishment, what did Kinnison attack in return?
    Bleeko's palace.
    Bleeko's largest jewel mine.
    One of Bleeko's shopping malls.
    Bleeko's biggest factory.

18. Did Bleeko give Kinnison any clues as to the next stage up?

19. While Kinnison had been off planet chasing, what had Clarissa been doing?
    Clarissa had been put on trial for treason!
    She was investigating the frigid planet Lyrane VIII.
    Trying to get the people of Lyrane II to talk to her.
    Clarissa had qualified as a doctor.

20. We're hot on the trail of the upper echelons of Boskonia now. Where does Kinnison's latest trail take him?
    Almost all the way back to Earth.
    Nowhere the Patrol was able to follow - the trackless deeps of space.
    Deep into the Second Galaxy.

21. What did Port Admiral Haynes do to hide Kinnison's mission?
    He mobilised the grand fleet of the Patrol in order to invade the Second Galaxy.
    He betrayed Civilisation to Boskone.
    He was forced to order the surrender of Civilisation's forces.
    Why do anything? Kinnison was on a wild goose chase.

22. Which planet was at the end of Kinnison's trail?

23. Kinnison worked his way up through the ranks of this planet's military. Where did he start, and where did he end up?
    Prime Minister. Tyrant.
    Private. The Grave.
    Lieutenant. Tyrant.
    Colonel. General.

24. Who was the prime minister of this final Boskonian planet?
    A native by the name of Fossten.
    Gharlane of Edorre.
    A crazy Arisian pretending to be the prime minister.
    A figment of everyone's imagination.

25. Did Kinnison manage to defeat Fossten in mental conflict?

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