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5.08 "LaFleur"

Created by christopherm

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : LOST: Season 5
508 LaFleur game quiz
"In this eighth episode of the fifth season, the exploits of the island survivors are followed, as they've traveled through time."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the previous episode, Sawyer, Jin, Miles and Juliet experienced another tremendous flash of light, characteristic of their recurring time shifts. After they recover in another time, what do they see in the distance?
    a polar bear
    a huge statue
    a skyscraper

2. Locke is at the bottom of the well. The wheel is shifting back and forth. What does Locke do with the wheel?
    Locke simply stares at the wheel in wonder.
    Locke breaks one of the spokes.
    He places the wheel in a fixed position.
    He pounds the wheel with a rock.

3. The group of survivors recover from the final brilliant flash of light. Their headaches are gone and their noses have stopped bleeding. Sawyer wants to wait for John to return. Juliet asks, "For how long?" How does Sawyer reply?
    "For about an hour."
    "As long as it takes."
    "Let's wait until sundown."
    "Until we get hungry."

4. Some years later, in an observation room, two DHARMA Initiative security workers notice Horace drinking and throwing sticks of dynamite near the edge of the forest, close to the security fence. They decide to alert LaFleur. Who is LaFleur?

5. Daniel is grieving over the loss of Charlotte. Juliet commiserates with Daniel and tries to console him. Sawyer asks Daniel, "We're not traveling through time anymore? You saying it's over?" What does Daniel say?
    "It's not over yet."
    "We shall see."
    "I have no clue."
    "Of course it's over."

6. As Sawyer, Juliet and the rest of the group head back to the beach, they encounter what appears to be an assassination in progress. They rescue a woman named Amy. They accompany Amy back towards her camp. When the party arrives at the sonic fence, Juliet tells Amy to turn it off. Does Amy, in fact, deactivate the fence?

7. While Sawyer is having a conversation with Horace, the rest of the group are outside discussing their situation. Suddenly, Daniel spots somebody in the courtyard that he recognizes. Who does Daniel believe it to be?
    a young Charlotte
    the never aging Richard
    Ben as a child
    Ben's father

8. The submarine that belongs to the DHARMA Initiative is returning in two weeks. Sawyer insists that he does not want to leave the island. Does Juliet tell Sawyer that she wants to remain as well?

9. At the time, in which Sawyer is a member of the DHARMA Initiative, he and Horace are having a conversation about Horace's strange behavior. Horace tells Sawyer that he had a fight with Amy. What did Horace and Amy argue about?
    Amy's cooking
    Household chores
    Horace's drinking
    Paul's necklace

10. Sawyer and Juliet have become a couple. They are snuggled in bed together, asleep, when the phone rings. It appears to be an urgent call. The call is from Jin. Sawyer tells Jin, "What? Wait, what? No. Don't bring them in, just meet me in the north valley." Who arrives in a DHARMA van?
    Hurley, Kate and Jack
    Richard Alpert

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Compiled Jun 28 12