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Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Created by Polaris101

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Beverly Hills Chihuahua game quiz
"A spoiled little Chihuahua finds herself out of her element in this cute movie from 2008. Drew Barrymore, Andy Garcia and George Lopez provide voices for some of the characters."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. At home in Beverly Hills, Chloe had an admirer named Papi. Who was Papi's owner?
    Rachel's friend, Angela
    Viv's landscaper, Sam
    Viv's neighbor

2. Chloe became separated from her human companion while she was in Mexico. How did she happen to be there in the first place?
    She fell asleep in the back of a van and woke up to find herself in Mexico.
    Viv took her there on vacation.
    Rachel and her friends took her there.
    She had a doggie play date there.

3. Papi was ready to go to Mexico and look for Chloe as soon as he heard what happened to her. How did Papi find out Chloe was missing?
    Rachel called to tell Viv that Chloe was missing.
    Viv made a phone call to Papi.
    Angela explained it while she was at Viv's house.
    Vasquez sent a ransom demand to Viv's house.

4. When he realized that El Diablo was tracking Chloe, what did Delgado do to Chloe to help throw Diablo off her scent?
    Pushed her into a basket of fish
    Walked her through a patch of mint
    Kicked some flour on her
    Pushed her into a puddle

5. Chloe wore a very expensive Harry Winston collar. How did she lose this collar?
    She sold it for plane fare back home.
    It came off when Delgado was carrying her.
    A rat conned her out of it.
    She traded it for a churro.

6. After Delgado's first plan didn't work out, he arranged for a coyote to take Chloe back home. At first Delgado wasn't going to go along with her, but he changed his mind and joined Chloe on the train.

7. After leaving the train, Delgado and Chloe had to walk through the desert. In the course of their travels, Chloe found out why Delgado had been let go from his former job. What was Delgado's former profession?
    A seeing eye dog
    A guard dog
    A circus dog
    A police dog

8. While in the desert, Delgado and Chloe found themselves facing three mountain lions. What caused the approaching cloud of sand, which scared the big cats away?
    The Tasmanian Devil
    The car with Rachel and Sam
    A bunch of Chihuahuas
    A herd of prairie dogs

9. After Diablo took Chloe from the ranger station, Delgado wanted to track her but couldn't. Who encouraged him to try?
    Detective Ramirez

10. Rachel told her Aunt Viv about Chloe being dog-napped in Mexico.

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