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Created by tribefan716

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NCIS game quiz
"This is my first quiz about my favorite crime drama, "NCIS.""

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the episode "Frame Up", Chip Sterling attempts to frame which agent for murder?
    Leroy Jethro Gibbs
    Tony Dinozzo
    Abby Sciuto
    Timothy McGee

2. What is the name of Gibbs' former mentor?
    Thomas Morrow
    Mike Franks
    Tobias Fornell
    Trent Kort

3. What was the name of Gibbs' first wife?

4. After Jenny Shepard is killed, who takes over as director?
    Leon Vance
    Brent Langer
    Thomas Morrow
    Trent Kort

5. In season six, which recurring character is found to be a mole?
    Cassie Yates
    Jeanne Benoit
    Paula Cassidy
    Michelle Lee

6. On which Naval ship is Tony sent to as an agent afloat at the end of season five?
    USS Abraham Lincoln
    USS Alabama
    USS Missouri
    USS Ronald Reagan

7. Which is Gibbs' hometown?
    Baltimore, MD
    Albany, NY
    Smokey Corners, WV
    Stillwater, PA

8. What was the name of NCIS when Gibbs joined?

9. What actor plays the role of Leon Vance?
    Mark Harmon
    Michael Weatherly
    Denzel Washington
    Rocky Carroll

10. In the episode "Caged", which agent is sent to a women's prison to get a signed statement from an inmate?
    Tony Dinozzo
    Leroy Jethro Gibbs
    Ziva David
    Tim McGee

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Compiled Sep 26 12