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Joe Willie Namath

Created by mrgrouchy

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Joe Willie Namath game quiz
"Joe Namath was a talented and colorful professional quarterback. Please take this fun quiz about his achievements. Enjoy."

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1. Which college did Joe Namath attend?
    Florida State
    Penn State

2. Which NFL team drafted Joe Namath in November 1964?
    Washington Redskins
    St. Louis Cardinals
    New York Giants
    Chicago Bears

3. Which uniform number did Joe Namath wear for the New York Jets?

4. In 1967, Joe Namath had a record-setting season. Which of these statements about the season is true?
    He was the first pro quarterback to throw 40 TD passes in a season
    He led the Jets to their first AFC title game
    He rushed for ten TDS during the season
    He became the first pro quarterback to pass for over 4000 yards in a season

5. In Super Bowl III, Joe Namath led the New York Jets to a 16-7 victory against the Baltimore Colts. Which Jets' player caught eight of Namath's passes in the win?
    Don Maynard
    George Sauer
    Matt Snell
    Pete Lammons

6. Which physical ailment plagued Joe Namath throughout his professional football career?
    Ankle injuries
    Bad knees
    Shoulder problems

7. What was Joe Namath's nickname?
    Midnight Joe
    Joe Cool
    Broadway Joe
    Joltin' Joe

8. In 1969, an investment in an Upper East Side Manhattan bar nearly caused Joe Namath to retire. What was the name of this bar?
    Bachelors III
    Studio 54
    Rainbow Room

9. In 1970, Joe Namath launched a business venture with which retired baseball superstar?
    Ted Williams
    Sandy Koufax
    Stan Musial
    Mickey Mantle

10. With which team did Joe Namath end his NFL career in 1977?
    Oakland Raiders
    San Diego Chargers
    New Orleans Saints
    Los Angeles Rams

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