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The Kite Runner

Created by jmorrow

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The Kite Runner game quiz
"Released in 2007 and based on the bestselling book of the same name by Khaled Hosseini, "The Kite Runner" told the story of one man's journey towards redemption for a terrible betrayal he committed when he was a boy. Warning: Contains spoilers."

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1. Amir, the protagonist of the story, was the son of Baba, a wealthy businessman living in Kabul, Afghanistan. Baba's servant, Ali, had a son, Hassan, who was Amir's best friend growing up. Who was the kite runner of the story?

2. The film began in San Francisco in 2000, with Amir and his wife returning home from the park. Amir had just received copies of his first published book when he got a phone call from Rahim Khan, a friend of his father's. What was Rahim Khan calling Amir about?
    He wanted Amir to come and visit him in Pakistan.
    He wanted Amir to send him an autographed copy of his book.
    He wanted to congratulate Amir on his marriage to Soraya.
    He wanted to tell Amir that he had sold Baba's house in Afghanistan.

3. When Amir was young, he overheard a conversation that his father had with Rahim Khan, in which his father expressed his disappointment about what he felt was one of Amir's shortcomings. What was his father unhappy about?
    He didn't like Amir wasting his time writing stories.
    He didn't think that Amir was tough enough.
    He didn't like the fact that Amir and Hassan were so close.
    He didn't think that Amir should spend so much time flying kites.

4. Baba told Amir that, despite what he had learnt in school, there was really only one sin, and that every other sin was a variation of this sin. What, in Baba's opinion, was the only sin?

5. On the day of the big kite-flying tournament, Amir's victory was short-lived when he witnessed something awful happen to Hassan. What happened to Hassan?
    He fell down a steep hill while chasing after a kite.
    He was attacked by a vicious stray dog.
    He was assaulted by a gang of bullies.
    He was beaten by Ali for not doing his chores.

6. Amir was so ashamed by his failure to help Hassan that he began to mistreat him and even plotted to get rid of him. What did Amir do to try to have Hassan sent away?
    He told his father that Hassan had punched him.
    He accused Hassan of stealing his watch.
    He threw a kite down a well and told Hassan to fetch it.
    He scratched his father's car and told him that Hassan did it.

7. Baba and Amir left their home in Afghanistan after the Soviet invasion in 1979. Before reaching the border into Pakistan, their truck was stopped by a Russian soldier, who wanted half an hour with a woman in the back of the truck. What was Baba's reaction to this?
    He encouraged the woman's husband to intervene.
    He did nothing, and distracted Amir by asking him to recite a poem.
    He asked the Russian soldier to pick an unmarried woman.
    He stood up to the Russian soldier.

8. After leaving Afghanistan, Baba and Amir settled down in Fremont California, where Amir met Soraya, the daughter of a decorated General from Kabul. He eventually asked for her hand in marriage, but she wanted to tell Amir something about herself before she accepted his proposal. What secret did Soraya reveal about herself to Amir?
    She didn't want to have any children.
    She killed a Russian soldier while escaping from Kabul.
    She ran away to live with an Afghan man when she was eighteen.
    She used to be married, but her husband was dead.

9. When Amir visited Rahim Khan in Pakistan, he was informed that Hassan and his wife had been killed by the Taliban, and that their son, Sohrab, was living in an orphanage in Afghanistan. Amir also received some surprising information about Hassan. What did Rahim Khan reveal about Hassan?
    He said that Hassan had worked for the Russians.
    He said that Hassan and Amir were really half-brothers.
    He said that Hassan had been wanted for murder.
    He said that Hassan had become a rich man.

10. At first, Amir was adamant about not returning to Afghanistan, and offered to pay for someone else to go and retrieve Sohrab from the orphanage. What led him to change his mind?
    He received a call from his wife, who convinced him to go.
    He read a letter that Hassan had written to him before he died.
    He was blackmailed by Rahim Khan into going.
    He was visited by the ghost of his dead father.

11. Amir returned to Kabul and visited the orphanage where Sohrab was supposed to be staying, but he discovered that Sohrab wasn't there anymore. At first, the orphanage director pretended not to recognize Sohrab from his picture, but he eventually revealed everything he knew about Sohrab to Amir and his driver. What did Amir tell the director of the orphanage to get him to do this?
    He told him that he was Sohrab's uncle, and that he wanted to take him back to America.
    He told him that he was a Talib official, and that he must tell him the truth.
    He told him that there was a reward for information on Sohrab's whereabouts.
    He told him that he was taking Sohrab to be reunited with his parents.

12. Amir was directed to a house where Hassan's son, Sohrab, was being held. Once there, he was surprised to discover that one of the men holding Sohrab was Assef, the bully who had terrorized him and Hassan all those years ago. Assef recognized Amir, and wouldn't let him take Sohrab. How did Amir and Sohrab get away from Assef?
    Sohrab shot Assef in the eye with a slingshot.
    Assef agreed to let them go after hearing Amir's story.
    Amir used a table leg to beat Assef unconscious.
    Amir gave Assef money in exchange for letting them go.

13. Amir returned to Pakistan with Sohrab, and learnt that Rahim Khan had passed away. They spent the night at his apartment, and in the morning Amir woke up to find Sohrab missing. Where did Amir eventually find Sohrab?
    Sitting in the stairwell of Rahim Khan's apartment
    Praying at the nearby mosque
    Drinking tea at the corner coffee shop
    Playing in the market

14. Amir took Sohrab home to San Francisco to live with him, which prompted his father-in-law to question Amir about the boy. Where did this confrontation take place?
    At a flea market
    At the dinner table
    At the airport
    At the park

15. Sohrab was quiet and withdrawn when he went to live with Amir and Soraya, no doubt because he was traumatized by what he experienced in Afghanistan. However, the film ended with the hope that he would eventually be able to lead a normal life with his new family. What activity did Sohrab and Amir bond over in the final scene of the film?
    Amir showed Sohrab how to fly a kite.
    Amir and Sohrab practiced shooting a slingshot together.
    Amir read one of his stories aloud to Sohrab.
    Amir and Sohrab watched "The Magnificent Seven" together.

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