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True Brit

Created by derekfv

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True Brit game quiz
"A little test for Brits or those who know us well."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who was the UK Prime Minister between 1976 to 1979?
    Margaret Thatcher
    Harold Wilson
    Edward Heath
    James Callaghan

2. Which English town was named after Britain's first Christian martyr?

    St Johnstone
    St Asaph
    St Albans
    St Davids

3. On March 1 1946, what happened to the Bank of England?
    Was robbed
    Went broke
    Was nationalised
    Went off the Gold Standard

4. 'Money is like muck, not good except it be...' what? (Francis Bacon - 1561-1626)

5. Which type of ice-cream suggested the name of a 1987 TV series about a pop-group?
    Strawberry Sundae
    Banana Split

6. Who founded Singapore and the London Zoo, but wasn't a gentleman thief?

    Lord Barnstaple
    Marco Polo
    Sir Andrew Aguecheek
    Sir Stamford Raffles

7. What type of dog is a cross between a greyhound and a collie?

8. Derbyshire wryneck now known as goitre/goiter is an enlargement of which gland?

9. This must be the archetypal UK quiz question: Who was the first man to swim the English Channel without artificial aids, in 1875?
    Corporal John Pargeter
    Lieutenant James Alkcock
    Captain Matthew Webb
    Captain Louis Bleriot

10. Tarzan's 'real' name was John Clayton, but what was his title?
    Lord Greystoke
    Lord Clayton
    Lord Sandwich
    Lord Speke

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Compiled Jun 28 12