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British Stars Who Sell

Created by darksplash

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British Stars Who Sell game quiz
"There's nothing like the cachet of a top star to help move refrigerators or colour TVs. See how many of the stars behind slogans and adverts you can identify."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Widely regarded as one of the best footballers of his generation, which star appeared in TV adverts to proclaim "Cookstown are the Best family sausages"?
    George Best
    Clyde Best
    Ron Best
    Dave Best

2. One of the most famous TV and print advertising campaigns of the 1960s extorted the British public to "go to work on an egg". That slogan was attributed to an advertising executive who was to find fame as an author. Who was she?
    Jackie Collins
    J. K. Rowling
    Zoë Heller
    Fay Weldon

3. Which of these actors humorously advertised the fact that a certain Volkswagen had a boot (trunk) in front of the driver as well as behind?
    Dustin Hoffman
    Steve McQueen
    Robert Redford
    Paul Newman

4. Which TV and radio personality, and an MP to boot, appeared in advertisements with a bloodhound called Henry?
    Clement Freud
    David Steele
    Gyles Brandreth
    Paul Merton

5. Many Hollywood stars liked the income they received from advertising, but did not want the adverts to be seen in the US. In Europe in 2007, George Clooney advertised a brand of alcoholic drink in a commercial that featured a beautiful woman and and a bull. What was the name of the product?
    Moët et Chandon

6. He had a reputation of being well behaved as a footballer, yet found a new career in retirement as a 'thief'. Which soccer star pocketed a lot of 'crisp' money for his roles in the commercial breaks?
    Jamie Redknapp
    Geoff Hurst
    Mark Lawrenson
    Gary Lineker

7. Penelope Cruz, Andie MacDowell and Jane Fonda were among the stars who declared "You're worth it" in television commercials. Which company was behind the slogan?

8. Joan Collins was noted for her bouffant hair and big shoulder pads and for her imperious roles in many movies and TV shows, including Dynasty. She also took to the small screen to advertise a brand of alcoholic drink. Which one was that?
    Smirnoff (vodka)
    Cinzano (vermouth)
    Gordon's (gin)
    Hennessey (brandy)

9. Rock and Roller cola wars: All of these stars have advertised cola drinks. Three advertised Pepsi-Cola. Which was the Coca-Cola advertiser in the nest?
    Britney Spears
    Beyoncé Knowles
    Cindy Crawford
    Christina Aguilera

10. Who would have believed that the great counter-culture icon of the 1960s Bob Dylan would succumb to the ad men's dollars? Which lingerie company had the benefits of Dylan's song 'Love Sick' for its advertising?
    Victoria's Secret
    Karen Millen
    Agent Provocateur

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Compiled Jun 28 12