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"Garfield and Friends" Characters

Created by daBomb619

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Garfield and Friends Characters game quiz
"I found rather interesting that there are no quizzes about this series (one of my favorite shows), so I decided to write one. This quiz is about the major and/or recurring characters of "Garfield and Friends". Have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What was the name of the middle segment of "Garfield and Friends" that was set on a farm and included such characters as Orson the pig, Wade the duck, and Roy Rooster?
    Life on a Farm
    American Livestock
    Farm Friends
    U.S. Acres

2. In the TV series "Garfield and Friends", who was Garfield's girlfriend?

3. In the farm segment, what was so odd about Sheldon?
    He was really a girl
    He only spoke one word per episode
    He was never fully hatched
    He didn't actually exist; he was just a figment of Orson's imagination

4. What big-nosed, mustachioed used car salesman always tried to cheat Jon out of some money or possession of his?
    Al G. Cheat
    Al G. Hoodwink
    Al G. Scammer
    Al G. Swindler

5. What did Al NOT manage to do to Jon?
    Put Jon on a "discount airline" that never reached its destination
    Trick Jon into selling his house to him
    Trade Jon a car that was falling apart for Jon's old car, which worked fine
    Get Jon to sell Garfield to him

6. Which scam artist always managed to sell Jon a piece of junk for an outrageously high price?
    Madman Murray
    Wacky Wally
    Crazy Carl
    Loopy Larry

7. Who was NOT one of the Buddy Bears?

8. Of the following, who did NOT guest star on "Garfield and Friends"?
    Benny Hill
    George Foreman
    Don Knotts
    James Earl Jones

9. Which character was NOT voiced by Frank Welker?

10. Though it is not a character per se, what gem appears as a running gag in numerous episodes?
    The Klopman Diamond
    The Koh-i-Noor Diamond
    The Hope Diamond
    The Star of Africa Diamond

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Compiled Jun 28 12