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Before there were MP3's

Created by grannycindy

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Before there were MP3s game quiz
"Nowadays everyone has an MP3 but what did us old fogies do for entertainment before the MP3 was invented? Take this quiz and see if you remember any of these gadgets. Have fun!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. The Edison phonograph first manufactured in 1878 was the first way we could listen to music that was not live. What shape was the recording on?

2. Next discs were invented, but you had to play them at a high rate of speed. What was that speed?
    88 RPM
    120 RPM
    78 RPM
    100 RPM

3. In 1948, another version of the record came out. This one played at 33 1/3 RPM's. It had a rather descriptive name. Do you know what it is?
    LP (Long Playing)
    RP (Rapid Play)
    SP (Short Play)
    HP (Hour Play)

4. Most popular during the 50's and 60's these small records had one song on each side, what were they known as?

5. Teens wanted to take their radios with them but there wasn't always a plug available. This invention helped solve that problem. Do you know what it was?
    Transmitter radio
    Transistor Radio
    Transducer radio
    Transit radio

6. This device used a loop of 1/4 inch magnetic tape in a rectangular case, do you know what it was?
    8 - Track Tape
    5 - Track Tape
    10 - Track Tape
    12 - Track Tape

7. Tapes were originally reel to reel but many found them hard to use so they were replaced with this type of tape, what was it?
    Box tapes
    Cassette tape
    Carry on tapes
    Blank tapes

8. This over sized cassette player/radio was usually carried on the shoulder. Do you know what it came to be known as?
    Loud Box
    Boom Box
    Shoulder Breaker
    Music Machine

9. In 1982 records were replaced by this invention which was only 4 inches in diameter. What was this newest craze which is still popular today?

10. Although all of these formats were nice, there is one which stands out above all others. This form of music has been around since ancient times; can you tell what it is?
    8mm film
    Live band
    MP3 player

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Compiled Dec 27 12