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A Small Pirate Ship is Called a Thug-boat

Created by Rowena8482

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A Small Pirate Ship is Called a Thugboat game quiz
"Some pirates were thugs, some were aristocrats, some were ladies, and some were all three! Follow me on a gentle pillage through the annals of pirate history both fact and fiction..."

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1. During the "Golden Age of Piracy" just two women were ever convicted of piracy. One was Anne Bonney, but who was the other?
    Mary Read
    Gunpowder Gertie
    Sarah Cutler
    Rebecca Monroe

2. Brothers Jean and Pierre Lafitte, the "Gentleman Pirates", were renowned for their fair and even handed treatment of the crews of captured ships, often returning the vessel back to its original crew once they had purloined the cargo.
Unable to run their 'business' properly when the US Embargo Act of 1807 came into force, they founded their own port which was soon a thriving town. Where was this?
    Vieux Nouvelle
    New Moon

3. In 1801, a fleet of notorious Pirates got together and declared war. The First Barbary War had begun, but who had the Pirates declared war on?
    Ottoman Empire
    United States
    The Vatican
    Each other

4. Charlotte Badger and Catherine Hagerty were the first Australian female pirates. They captured a ship and sailed it to New Zealand. What was the ship's name? (It is still sung about in, ahem, impolite company.)
    Sloop John B
    Edmund Fitzgerald

5. Perhaps the most famous pirate of all is Blackbeard. Can you remember the name of his ship?
    Queen Anne's Revenge
    Rising Sun
    Great Ranger

6. One of the first English pirates was Lady Aethelflaed; on the death of her husband she took over the captaincy of the English fleet and sallied forth to fight the Vikings in the early tenth century. Her father was even more famous than she was; who was he?
    King Canute
    Alfred the Great

7. Which famous fictional pirate was the Captain of the Black Pig?
    Answer: (One or Two Words (7,7 or 7))

8. The "Lady Pirate of Kootenay Lake" is something of a local legend in her part of British Columbia, Canada. Legends of her exploits abound; she dressed as a man until a severe injury, which cost her an eye, meant she was found out by a ship's doctor. With her secret exposed, she stole a boat and turned to piracy, striking terror into the hearts of everyone who crossed her path. Eventually she was betrayed by a member of her own crew, captured, and died in jail. Who is she?
    Sarah Bonney
    Gunpowder Gertie Stubbs
    Robin Ballantyne
    Kitty Callendar

9. Should you happen to be troubled by Pirates, which Saint might you invoke to beg for protection?
    St. Kentigern
    St. Albinus of Angers
    St. Maximilian
    St. Nicodemus of Nicosia

10. Academics J.Haqq-Misra and M. Larson published a research paper showing that when the traditional pirate activities of making people walk the plank, singing sea shanties, and fighting sea battles decrease, something else increases.
What increases as piratical doings decrease?
    All of these increase as piracy decreases
    Global warming
    Surface temperature of the sea
    Cyclones and hurricanes

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