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Songs About "Songs"

Created by fredsixties

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Songs About Songs game quiz
"These are songs from the rock era that have the word "song" or "songs" in the title. They all appeared on the Billboard Hot 100 charts in the 1960s and 1970s. See how many you remember. Have fun."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "The 59th Street Bridge Song" was a hit for a dynamic duo of the 1960s. Which duo?
    Brewer and Shipley
    Simon and Garfunkel
    Sonny and Cher
    Chad and Jeremy

2. The Four Tops wanted to be included in this quiz, so what title did they release in 1965?
    Answer: (Not Different (5 Words))

3. John Denver penned and recorded this song as an ode to his then wife. What's the name of this song?
    Frannie's Song
    Annie's Song
    Mary's Song
    Janie's Song

4. Elton John contributes to this quiz with his first Top 10 American hit. What is its name?
    Your Song
    My Song
    His Song
    Our Song

5. Three Dog Night had a tune that was "one I'm sure they wrote for you and me". What tune was it?
    Old Rock and Roll Song
    Old Fashioned Love Song
    Old Serenade Song
    Romantic Love Song

6. How was Neil Diamond's song sung in 1972?
    Answer: (One Word ... everybody knows one)

7. One of the Beatles covered a Hoyt Axton tune and took it onto the charts in 1974. It fits this category. What's the song?
    No No Song
    Ganga Song
    Yes Yes Song
    Goodnight Song

8. Another former Beatle also fits this quiz. He and his group flew up the charts with this 1976 hit. Which one?
    Silly Love Songs
    Songs of the South
    Funny Songs
    My Own Songs

9. Barry Manilow wrote, recorded and hit the charts with "I Write The Songs" in 1976.

10. Supertramp's contribution to this quiz was a hit in 1979. Can you deduce the name?
    The Simple Song
    The Logical Song
    The Thinking Song
    The Rational Song

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Compiled Jun 28 12