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They Didn't Walk on the Moon

Created by lones78

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They Didnt Walk on the Moon game quiz
"Whilst there are only a handful of men who have walked on the moon, there are several more who got so close, yet were so far. How well do you know those who went to the moon but didn't get to do the moonwalk?"

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1. Apollo 8 was the first mission to fly around the moon. Who was the Commander of this mission?
    James Lovell
    James McDivitt
    William Anders
    Frank Borman

2. Which general, who is also co-author of the 'Pilot's Handbook for Performance Flight Testing' and the 'Aerodynamics Handbook for Performance Flight Testing', piloted Gemini 6 in 1965?
    John Young
    Frank Borman
    Eugene Cernan
    Thomas Stafford

3. Which backup pilot for Gemini 8 and backup command module pilot for Apollo 9 flew as command module pilot of Apollo 12?
    Alan Bean
    Richard Gordon
    Pete Conrad
    William Anders

4. Played by Bill Paxton in the movie 'Apollo 13', which astronaut was intended to do a moonwalk with the Apollo 19 mission?
    James Lovell
    Fred Haise
    John Swigert
    Thomas Mattingly

5. Who was the command module pilot who orbited the moon whilst his two crewmates completed the first moonwalk?
    Michael Collins
    Edwin Aldrin
    Neil Armstrong
    James Lovell

6. Of the 24 men who have flown to the moon, how many have not actually landed?

7. Which former US Navy Captain flew two Apollo missions but never landed on the moon?
    Fred Haise
    William Anders
    James Lovell
    John Swigert

8. How many Apollo missions were there and how many actually flew to the moon (including orbiting the moon, not just landing on it)?
    12 & 6
    17 & 12
    17 & 6
    17 & 9

9. Who was removed from the Apollo 13 mission eight days before launch because he was exposed to Rubella (German Measles)?
    Stuart Roosa
    John Young
    Thomas Mattingly
    Charles Duke

10. Serving as a member of the astronaut support crew for Apollo 7 and 11 missions, and as backup command module pilot for Apollo 14, whose first space flight was as command module pilot of Apollo 17, the last Apollo mission?
    David Scott
    Ronald Evans
    Alfred Worden
    James Irwin

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