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The Bowels of History

Created by jane6677

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The Bowels of History game quiz
"Here is a quiz on some notably gruesome and often scatalogical Historical facts. Test your knowledge on a few items not often mentioned in History class."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Who invented the flush toilet?
    Henry VIII
    Thomas Crapper
    Sir John Harington
    Anthony Lieu

2. Who won the 1949 Nobel Prize for his 'apple corer' technique for prefrontal lobotomies?
    Hasir Kamut
    James Watts
    Egas Moniz
    Walter Freeman

3. In 1364, a man named Thomas du Buisson was hired to paint red crosses in the Louvre and its surrounding gardens to prevent what?
    Public urination

4. What was so unusual about Pope Stephen VII's interrogation of Pope Formusus in 897 A.D.?
    Formosus was completely deaf
    Formusus was dead
    Formosus was interrogated without being tortured
    Stephen was aged only six

5. What was the most common medical cure-all used in Renaissance France?
    Eucalyptus cream
    Cow dung

6. The word 'narcotics' comes from the Greek word for what?
    Heavy stone
    Pain killer
    To numb
    Cat's claw

7. In ancient India, it was common practice for adulterers to have their ____________ cut off.

8. In 1685, King Louis XIV helped advance surgical practices by having a doctor, rather than a barber remove what?
    A fistula from his rectum
    A goiter from his neck
    A thorn from his side
    An ingrown nail from his toe

9. Pope John XXI wrote many medical texts before becoming Pope. What did he suggest may be used as an effective eyewash?
    Goat's milk
    Baby's urine
    Mother's milk
    Dog's feces

10. How did Catherine the Great die?
    Trampled by a horse
    A stroke

11. Why was Napoleon's hand always tucked into his jacket?
    He had nervous itching
    His hand was always cold
    He only had four fingers
    His chest was uneven

12. Where did the phrase 'the third degree' originate?
    Marie Antoinette's degrees of poverty
    Cotton Mather's degrees of heresy
    Pope Innocent IV's degrees of torture
    Henry VII's degrees of purging

13. Where did bulldogs and bull terriers get their names?
    Bullfighting in Medieval Spain
    A lost Bible passage
    A famous English tavern called the Bull Inn
    Bullbaiting in Elizabethan times

14. Who were the "castrati"?
    Kings without heirs
    Wet nurses
    Opera Singers
    Toothless prostitutes

15. The Four Humors consisted of blood, phlegm, black bile, and ____________.
    Yellow bile
    Green bile

16. In the earliest known version of the fairy tale 'Cinderella', the Egyptian 'Rhodopis', the title character is a ____________.
    Young man
    Pile of dust

17. Although today in the United States, brothels are only legal in Nevada, about 100 years ago which two other cities experimented with legalized prostitution?
    Chicago and Philadelphia
    New Orleans and St. Louis
    New York and New Orleans
    New Orleans and San Francisco

18. In 13th century France, one would often hear the cry 'gardez l'eau!' to warn people of what?
    A chamber pot's contents being thrown from a window
    A criminal wandering the streets
    An outbreak of plague
    Poison in the water supply

19. George Washington's dentures were made partly from the ivory of what animal?

20. In 1913, a New York woman named Caresse Crosby designed the first bra and sold the rights for $1,500 to what company?
    Playtex Corset Company
    Lily of France
    Erotic Accessories Corporation
    Warner Brothers Corset Company

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