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It Wasn't Me!

Created by LadyCaitriona

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It Wasnt Me game quiz
"Interpol is trying to track down an international criminal. Your suspects all have alibis placing them in different cities just before the crime. Can you figure out who stole the Ram from the Rama Lama Ding Dong, or will you get fleeced?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. You arrive at your office at 7am and brew a large pot of coffee for the long day ahead. You review the facts and ask your partner to bring in the first suspect for interrogation. "Well, well, well!" you say to Andrea Arson as she nervously takes the seat opposite. "Tell me, Andrea, have you been doing anything lately that's put you on the lam?"

"It wasn't me!" claims Andrea Arson. "I was in a city on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It was named for a Roman Catholic saint who was known to have a way with animals. There were a couple of small earthquakes while I was there, but nothing as great as the one that devastated the city in 1906. If you don't believe me, lots of people saw me visiting an island that was a federal prison from 1933 until 1968. Ask anybody!"

As you are a particularly knowledgeable detective, from these clues you determine that Andrea Arson has been in which of the following cities?
    Brisbane, Australia
    Cape Town, South Africa
    Sydney, Australia
    San Francisco, USA

2. "Bertram Burglar!" you say to your second suspect. "Why am I not surprised to see you again? Surely you've been up to some mischief; you always were the black sheep in your family!"

"It wasn't me!" says Bertram Burglar, fidgeting with his tie. "I've been away on, er, business for over a week. Sacre bleu! I can't even begin to describe the rough time I've had! I got off at the wrong stop on the RER, and when I went topside it started raining and I got an 'eye full'! If that wasn't bad enough, another wrong turn left me face to face, literally, with a wall of skulls!"

Hmmm ... it sounds to you like Bertram Burglar has been in which of these cities?
    Rome, Italy
    Berlin, Germany
    Brugge, Belgium
    Paris, France

3. The next suspect sashays gracefully into the room and fixes you with a haughty look as you turn through your notes. "Lady Catherine Constantly-Conniving!" you address her. "I knew it wouldn't be long before I saw you again! You may have slipped through our fingers last time, but if you get away from us again it will be through 'shear' luck!"

"It wasn't me!" Lady Catherine says venomously. "If you must know, I took a stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens before attending a performance of Giuseppe Verdi's 'Aida' at a famous opera house. I also visited the Taronga Zoo where I viewed a Macropus rufus, which as you know is indigenous to the area. There were some beautiful sights, to be sure; but if you ask me, the place has gone downhill since it hosted the Summer Olympic Games in 2000."

No doubt about it! Lady Catherine Constantly-Conniving was in this city:
    Seoul, South Korea
    Sydney, Australia
    Aukland, New Zealand
    Tokyo, Japan

4. The day's fourth suspect is a diminutive fellow by the name of Dennis Dishonest. "Now then, Dennis," you say to the man, "let's have it out; the whole truth, if you please! You'll not be able to pull the wool over my eyes!"

"It wasn't me!" Dennis retorts. "I was touring a city that was once a major centre in the Alpine salt trade. I got to see the birthplace of one of the greatest classical composers of all time. Music runs deep here; the city was practically alive with the sound of it. And the hills, too! But since you're so interested in crimes, detective, why not visit the grave of a man who allegedly tickled six people to death?"

It's quite obvious Dennis Dishonest has been where?
    Warsaw, Poland
    Paris, France
    Bern, Switzerland
    Salzburg, Austria

5. You are astonished when your partner brings in the fifth suspect: "Edward Embezzle!" you cry. "I can't believe my eyes! Of all the people to commit this terrible crime, it had to be one I graduated with! We got our sheepskins together!"

"It wasn't me!" Edward tells you. "The city where I've been is on a chain of islands in the Pacific. I tried visiting the Imperial Palace, but only the outer grounds were open to the public. I wanted to travel just west of the city and climb the country's highest mountain, but I thought the effort might kill me! Do I look like I've gained weight to you? Maybe I could try out for the Sumo Association; the headquarters are in this city."

Hai! You know where Edward Embezzle has been!
    Manila, Philippines
    Seoul, South Korea
    Tokyo, Japan
    Taipei, Taiwan

6. Your next suspect stumbles into the room, dropping his car keys in the process. You pick them up and hand them back to him, wondering if you ought to dust them for prints. "Francis Firearm, you ought to be more careful!" you admonish the clumsy man. "One of these days you'll drop something important, and won't you feel sheepish then!"

"It wasn't me!" claims Francis. "I was on holiday in the Mediterranean. There is so much history here, you couldn't see the whole city in one day, nor build it, either! A funny thing happened, though, on the way to the Forum: I passed a music store that had caught fire, and the proprietor was outside playing the fiddle! Can you just imagine?"

Aha! Francis Firearm must have been where?
    Athens, Greece
    Cairo, Egypt
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Rome, Italy

7. The seventh suspect is of the little old grandmotherly type, but don't let that fool you! She's pretty mean with that cane. "Please sit down, Granny Gunrunner," you say politely, "but don't make yourself too comfortable. I'm sure we'll have you off to prison in two shakes of a lamb's tail!"

"It wasn't me!" Granny sternly corrects you. "How could it have been? I've been someplace sunny, working on my tan. The city where I stayed is the largest in the Caribbean, founded by the Spanish in 1515. My date and I spent the day walking along the Malecón, which runs almost the entire length of the city along the seafront. I had not planned to go on a trip at all, except that the young man promised me that if I accompanied him, he would provide my mission with a dozen sinners whose souls required saving."

Well, this is a tough one, but you're pretty sure than Granny Gunrunner's date took her to which city?
    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Kingston, Jamaica
    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    Havana, Cuba

8. Your next suspect needs no introduction, as you arrested him just this morning for impersonating a mail carrier. "You should confess to this crime, Harold Holdup," you urge. "You're going to jail anyway, and you might as well be hanged for a sheep as for a lamb!"

"It wasn't me!" says Harold. "I was visiting a city on the banks of the longest river in the world. While there are a great many sights to see, a tour of this area would be incomplete without a trip to Saqqara, just 30km away, the site of many ancient tombs. I was able to visit most parts of the city, but at one time I found my path blocked by a ludicrous character who kept asking me 'Which creature in the morning goes on four legs, at mid-day on two, and in the evening upon three, and the more legs it has, the weaker it be?' Who really wants to riddle that out to get somewhere?"

It's no riddle where Harold Holdup has been!
    Jerusalem, Israel
    Cairo, Egypt
    Tehran, Iran
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

9. Finally, the last suspect is being brought in for questioning! The woman sitting across from you may appear meek, but you're not fooled. "You can cut the act, Isabella Innocent," you admonish, "you might fool the others, but I know that you are a wolf in sheep's clothing!"

"It wasn't me!" remarks Isabella. "I visited a city near the Rocky Mountains. It originally started as a fort, back in 1875, but things really started to boom when oil was discovered in the area in 1902. It was the first city in the country to host the Winter Olympic Games, and people were practically stampeding to see, of all things, a Jamaican bobsled team!"

If you're not mistaken (and you rarely are), Isabella Innocent was where?
    Seattle, USA
    Santiago, Chile
    La Paz, Bolivia
    Calgary, Canada

10. Finally you've finished interviewing suspects, and it's time for a little footwork. You return to the scene of the crime and notice the thief left behind a replica of a sword engraved with a coat of arms depicting a wreath of laurel and the initials S.P.Q.R. None of your suspects have these initials in their name, but you now know exactly whom should be arrested. Who gets locked up in the pen?

Pick one of: Andrea Arson, Bertram Burglar, Lady Catherine, Dennis Dishonest, Edward Embezzle, Francis Firearm, Granny Gunrunner, Harold Holdup or Isabella Innocent. Two words only from above list; do not add any punctuation.
    Answer: (Two Words)

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