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Salt of the Earth

Created by lilyalli

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Thematic 10Q Difficult
Salt of the Earth game quiz
"Please Pass the Salt! You may want to throw a handful over your left shoulder for good luck before starting this Author Challenge from Terry! Standard UK spelling throughout."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In 1968, a 'Beggars Banquet' was enriched with some 'Salt of the Earth'. This was not a delicious meal, but an album by whom?
    David Bowie
    Beach Boys
    Jimi Hendrix
    Rolling Stones

2. "Are you worth your weight in gold (or salt)?" Salt was once as valuable as gold, and was used to pay Roman soldiers a salary (salarium). Talking of weight, approximately how much actual body weight of a 50kg adult is made up of salt?
    9 tablespoons
    5 tablespoons
    7 tablespoons
    11 tablespoons

3. Salt is constantly in demand with supposedly 14000 uses being recorded, such as perking up a goldfish (probably best not to go into details) and has long been the cause of international disputes and civil unrest. More recently, a different SALT, 'Strategic Arms Limitation Talks' on long-term nuclear arms control has been influential in world peace. SALT, which began in 1969 and finally ended in 1982, was replaced the following year by what?

4. A popular snack used to be provided with a little blue twist bag of salt - sometimes damp and clumpy, but great for bored kids to add to fizzy drinks for a 'volcano' effect. No longer available from the 1960s, it was later reintroduced but with regular hermetically sealed square blue bags. What is this foodstuff?
    Prawn Crackers
    Pork Scratchings
    Potato Crisps
    Mini Poppadoms

5. For centuries, other than stuffing one's nose with cotton wool, body odour was a problem which was masked with perfume. Nowadays, most popular brands of deodorant contain aluminium, but there is another more natural solution. Which of the following can be used as an effective natural deodorant?
    Talcum Powder
    Air Freshener Spray
    Bath Soap
    Baking Soda

6. What was the name of the despised salt tax imposed in France from the fifteenth century up to 1789, which required all individuals over the age of eight years to purchase a weekly amount of salt at a set price?
    Revenu au sel
    Taxe gabal
    Grande taxe du sel

7. A type of glasswort, once used in soap and glass making, is a seasonal delicacy gathered from the salty sea marshes. It is rinsed then cooked, frequently with the still muddy roots attached. What is this sea vegetable, sometimes known as sea asparagus?
    Sea Kale

8. Frequently a jubilant lottery winner has appeared on television and announced to the world that it is not going to make a scrap of difference to his life and he will be carrying on with his job, even if it is something as mundane as cleaning drains. This statement would generally be taken 'with a pinch' of salt. How much is a pinch of salt?
    Two grains
    Salt? You should not be eating ANY. It is bad for you
    As much as you can grasp between finger and thumb
    Depends on use - figurative or literal

9. A 'Salty Dog' is a term for a veteran sailor, or a cocktail made with vodka and grapefruit juice - not forgetting the salt, of course, without which it would lose its bite and become a rather tame 'Greyhound'. It is also the title of an album, produced in 1969, by which group?

    Procul Harum
    Allman Brothers Band
    Deep Purple
    Led Zeppelin

10. Office parties have a reputation for sometimes being a little boring. The solution would be for someone to come along and add some salt to the conversation. Which of the following scenarios would succeed?

Jemma joining the group to give a witty account of the meeting she had with Simon Cowell after being successful in her X Factor television audition.

Alan arriving with a detailed story about his appraisal interview and how he forgot to polish his shoes.

Ellie ambling in clutching a huge plate of snacks and regaling everyone with her disastrous diet attempts.

Terry popping along with the condiments asking, "Anyone for salt?"

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Compiled Jun 28 12