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Created by Schinkle

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Ghostbusters (1984)
Ghostbusters game quiz
"All questions from the first 'Ghostbusters' movie."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Finish this line : 'We got the tools, we got the talent ________ ' ?
    This chick is toast!
    It was nice working with you Ray!
    Lets rock his world!
    It's Miller Time!

2. What was Louis Tully?
    Gate Keeper
    Key Master

3. What does the graffiti written on the Ghostbusters lab door say in the beginning of the film?
    Venkman sucks
    Venkman, you are dead
    Go to hell, Venkman
    Venkman burn in hell

4. In Dana's building Ray asks "Hey...where do these stairs go?"
Venkman answers: _________________ ?
    They go to the basement
    They go to the 20th floor
    They go up
    They go to the roof

5. When Janine and Egon are discussing interests, what does Egon say his hobby is?
    Collects back issues of OMNI
    Operates a HAM Radio
    Shaves the undersides of pot-bellied pigs
    Collects spores, molds and fungus

6. Gozer asks Ray if he is a ______ ?
    leader of the pathetic subcreatures
    interdimensional traveller

7. What Saint did the Librarian's uncle think he was?
    St. John
    St. Jerome
    St. Patrick
    St. Peter

8. In one of their early meetings in the movie, Dana Barrett tells Dr. Venkman, 'you don't act like a scientist.' Her next line is _________ ?
    They are usually pretty stiff.
    In fact, you don't even act human
    But you smell like one.
    You are more like a gameshow host.

9. What does Louis Tully shout as he runs from the horse and carriage?
    Gozer is coming!!!
    You will be see the coming of the next demon!!!
    You will perish in flames
    Join us or die!!!

10. What was the shape on the last ESP card where the boy got shocked, at the beginning of the movie?
    couple of wavy lines
    figure 8

11. How much did the Ghostbusters charge the Sedgewick Hotel for 'entrapment, proton charging, and storage of the beast'?

12. What time was Venkman supposed to meet the girl from the experiment?
    6 o'clock
    7 o'clock
    9 o'clock
    8 o'clock

13. When the Ghostbusters are walking up the stairs of the Shandor aprartment building, which floor does Dr. Venkman throw up on?
    It's never shown

14. The Ghostbusters drive a former _____________ ?
    1963 GM Hearse
    1953 Ford Paddy Wagon
    1959 Cadillac Ambulance
    1974 Chevy Police Car

15. What are Ray and Egon munching on during their first encounter with Dana?
    Lays Chips

16. Where was Gozer 'very big'?

17. Where did the guy, who got in the taxi, ask the decomposed ghost taxi-driver to take him?
    Lincoln Center, 36th Ave.
    Sullivan Theater, Broadway
    Columbia Building, 57th street
    Rockefeller Plaza, 5th Ave.

18. What restaurant was Louis Tully standing outside of when he was attacked by one of Gozer's demon dogs?
    Greenbrier Country Club Bar and Grille
    Bull and Finch Tavern
    Tavern on the Green
    The Sizzler

19. What salary did Winston receive as a Ghostbuster?
    $12,000 a year
    $11,500 a year
    $11,000 a year
    $12,500 a year

20. What is Dana Barrett's apartment number?

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