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Arthur C. Clarke - Space Cadet

Created by casey317

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Arthur C Clarke  Space Cadet game quiz
"Forever linked with '2001: A Space Odyssey', the late Sir Arthur Charles Clarke was a well-known writer of science and science fiction. Let us explore many facets of his earlier years that may have influenced his writings."

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1. Arthur was born in December 1917 in Minehead, Somerset in the UK and lived in that area until 1936. What aspect of Minehead had the most influence on him, his writing and his life?
    Minehead beach and the sea
    Minehead and Exmoor Music Festival
    Butlin's Holiday Camp
    The Minehead Railway

2. Arthur's parents went into what business after his father returned from the Great War?

3. Arthur spent much time as a youth building his own telescopes. He later told people that he 'knew ___
____ better than I knew my way around Somerset'. Can you fill in the blank?
    The moon
    Saturn's rings
    Welsh coastline
    North Hill

4. While at school Arthur helped out the family business as well as working part-time jobs, at times both day and night. Yet he still found time for what hobby?
    Each of these
    Building rockets
    Building telescopes
    Building crystal sets

5. The Kille family lived near Arthur's grandmother's house in Minehead, where Arthur would spend most holidays. Grandma Kille owned an unusual object which fascinated Arthur as a youngster. What was it?
    A pop-up toaster
    A pedal-powered knitting machine
    An electrically powered wheelchair
    A battery operated radio

6. Arthur received a scholarship from his village school enabling him to attend Huish Grammar School in nearby Taunton. During his years there Arthur did which of the following?
    Wrote for the school magazine
    Got expelled for smoking
    Captained the 1st Eleven
    Electrocuted the Headmaster

7. In 1983, Arthur wrote 'No book before or since ever had such an impact on my imagination'. At the age of 12, Arthur, on a visit to the Minehead Public Library discovered 'Last and First of Men'. Who was the author of this influential book?
    C. S. Lewis
    W. Olaf Stapledon
    J. R. R. Tolkien
    G. B. Shaw

8. Owning a large collection of sci-fi magazines, many non-fiction books on space, building rockets at home and studying the moon it is no wonder that, at sixteen, Arthur C. Clarke joined which society?
    Observatoire Astronomique de Paris
    Royal Geographic Society
    British Interplanetary Society

9. Arthur was still a civil servant when, in 1941, he enlisted in one of the services. During his service he was influenced by working with 'real scientists'. With whom did Arthur enlist?
    Royal Air Force
    Royal Navy
    Home Defence

10. In February 1945 'Wireless World', a monthly U.K. publication, printed a letter from Arthur C. Clarke, creating the first public pronouncement of the possibility of what future communication reality?
    Geo-Static Communication Satellites
    Mobile (cell) phones
    Digital Television
    Text messaging

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