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Where's Wally?

Created by VerticalDancer

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : England - General
Wheres Wally game quiz
"Wally is taking a tour round England - try to work out which city or town he is in by the clues given. Good luck!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Wally has just landed at Heathrow Airport and is considering a tube map to take him into the centre of this city. He is planning to stay at a hotel in Piccadilly Circus, so that he can walk to tourist spots such as Covent Garden, Leicester Square and Whitehall. If he went further afield, he could visit Tower Bridge or Buckingham Palace, amongst other things. Where's Wally?

2. Having spent a few days in an exciting English city, Wally decides to head north. He jumps on a train at King's Cross and arrives at his destination a couple of hours later. He is now in a walled city with an imposing Minster (the second largest Gothic cathedral in northern Europe) which nearly burned down in 1984. After visiting the Minster, Wally decides to check out the shops in the Shambles. Where's Wally?

3. Wally next decides to travel south-west. He arrives at Piccadilly Station, and, after checking in at his hotel, goes to have a look at the Town Hall, an important Victorian building. Being tired after all his travelling, Wally then decides to head for Heaton Park to have a relaxing afternoon. Where's Wally?

4. Wally's next English city isn't far away, just 33 short miles west. Wally has been especially excited about visiting this city because he's been a Beatles fan for years. He's also happy to find himself in a city which was named one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2008. Donning his blue football shirt, Wally heads over to see his favourite football team, Everton, in practice. Where's Wally?

5. Wally is interested in seeing English cities further south. He catches a train to his next destination, where he wants to see the Royal Crescent, The Circus and Pulteney Bridge. He also wants to attend a children's production at the egg. Wally's first port of call, however, is the Roman Baths. Where's Wally?
    St Ives

6. Inspired by the Georgian architecture around him, Wally decides to see what the town most patronised by George IV is like. He makes his way down to the South East coast of England, where he visits the mind-boggling Royal Pavilion. Exhausted by a tour inside, he then heads down to the beach, buying a stick of rock on the way. After relaxing on the shingle for a while, Wally checks out the pier where he has fun on the Crazy Mouse. Where's Wally?

7. Wally is considering taking a boat over to Calais in France while he's in Europe, so he visits a port town which is dominated by the White Cliffs. He is told that he can catch the ferry across the English Channel from here. Where's Wally?

8. Wally has American relatives whose ancestors came to the US on the Mayflower, and therefore he is intrigued to see the English town from which the Mayflower made its first attempt to sail to the colony. He hires a car and drives west along the coast to the closest city to the New Forest. When he arrives, Wally is really impressed to discover that he can take the ferry to the Isle of Wight if he feels like it. However, first he goes to visit the Bargate. Where's Wally?

9. Wally packs up the car and drives west to the capital of Cornwall, England, where he sees an imposing neo-Gothic cathedral with fabulous stained glass windows. Wally visits the Royal Cornwall Museum to see an unwrapped mummy. Finally he heads down the lanes past Sunny Corner and takes a walk to the point where the Truro and Tresillian Rivers converge. Where's Wally?
    St Ives

10. Wally decides to wrap up his trip with a visit further northeast to see one of England's most famous university cities. Known as the City of Dreaming Spires, Bill Clinton was a Rhodes scholar at this city's university, which is the oldest in the English-speaking world. Roger Bannister ran the world's first four-minute mile in this town. Where's Wally?

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Compiled Jun 28 12