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"A Streetcar Named Marge"!

Created by runaway_drive

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : 'Simpsons' - Season 4
A Streetcar Named Marge game quiz
"Welcome to a quiz on the second episode of Season Four, where Marge auditions for a musical. Good luck and enjoy!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. At the start of the episode, who is hosting the Miss American Girl Pageant?
    Lionel Hutz
    Troy McClure
    Paul McCartney
    Tom Cruise

2. Which character does Ned play in the play?
    Answer: (Seven Letter Word)

3. What is the name of the man who is directing the play?
    Liam Sinclair
    Barney Sinclair
    Leon Sinclair
    Llewellyn Sinclair

4. What is the name of the daycare center?
    Ayn Rands' Daycare Center
    Ayn Rand Playschool for Babies
    Ayn Rand School For Tots
    None Of These

5. What sport is Homer playing on his Gameboy in bed?

6. When Marge is rehearsing with Ned, what does she call Homer silently?
    Big Ape
    Big Dumb Ape
    Big Fat Idiot
    Big Monster

7. Maggie retrieves the pacifiers.

8. Marge kisses Apu.

9. Who are pulling the strings that are keeping Marge up in the air in the laser scene?
    Moe and Bart
    Bart and Lisa
    Barney and Moe
    Chief Wiggum and Lou

10. Homer cheered at the end of the play.

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Compiled Jun 28 12