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The Moral Side

Created by oblackhearto

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Philosophy
The Moral Side game quiz
"I'm taking Religous Education as a GCSE -General Certificate of Secondary Education- and decided to make a quiz to help with revision. It is based on the moral issues side and I hope it will be fun for everyone! :D"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Marriage and the family: I have a sister and a brother who live at home with me and my parents, who have been married for sixteen years. What kind of family is this?
    apple family
    extended family
    nuclear family
    re-constituted family

2. Poverty: Absolute poverty is the lack of basic needs such as food and water. So what is relative poverty?
    A family member who has a lower income than other members.
    A man who cannot provide for his family.
    A phrase associated with someone who lives on the street.
    A lack of 'luxury' items that are common to that society.

3. Prejudice and discrimination: A man won't let his wife get a job because he believes women should stay at home to do house work and look after the children.

Is his action prejudice or discrimination?
    it is impossible to say

4. Crime and punishment: Which of these is not one of the five main aims of punishment?

5. War and Terrorism: What is the name given to someone who believes all forms of violence and war are wrong?
    conscientious objector

6. Crime and punishment: At the turn of the 21st century which of these countries still used capital punishment (the death penalty)?
    Saudi Arabia
    South Africa

7. War and Terrorism: Here is a definition; what is the word that corresponds to it?

The systematic use of violence and threats to create terror, especially as a means of coercion.

8. Marriage and the family: What does fidelity mean?
    looking after your own children
    only having sex with your partner
    looking after someone else's children
    not having sex at all

9. Prejudice and discrimination: Which official South African policy did Nelson Mandela fight against, using what some people consider to be terrorism?
    he didn't fight for anything
    the ANC

10. Poverty: What is unconditional love?
    only loving someone because they love you
    loving someone with no conditions or limits
    loving your marriage partner
    not loving anyone

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Compiled Jun 28 12