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60s and 70s Mix

Created by ZzBridges

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60s and 70s Mix game quiz
"This is about as trivial and random as it gets."

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1. Which member of Led Zeppelin had the nickname "Percy"?
    Robert Plant
    John Paul Jones
    Jimmy Page
    John Bonham

2. Who are the members of E.L.P.?
    Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Robert Palmer
    Carl Emerson, Greg Lake, Keith Palmer
    Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, Carl Palmer
    Danny Elfman, Gary Larson, Robert Palmer

3. Which Led Zeppelin song is referring to the crowds at their shows?
    Rock n Roll
    The Ocean
    The Song Remains The Same
    No Quarter

4. Which of these musician's names is the birth name for that person?
    Bob Dylan
    David Bowie
    Jimmy Page
    John Paul Jones

5. Which group was the backing group for Bob Dylan for a short while?
    The Allman Brothers
    The Eagles
    The Band
    James Gang

6. What name did The Band go by originally?
    The Levon Helm Sextet
    The Hawks
    The Honkies
    The Canadien Squires

7. How many studio albums did The Allman Brothers release prior to the death of Duanne Allman?

8. Which group was Joe Walsh not a member of?
    James Gang
    The Band
    The Eagles

9. Who was not a lead vocalist for Deep Purple?

    David Coverdale
    Joe Lynn Turner
    Rod Evans
    Roger Glover

10. Who changed his name because another person in the music business had a similar name as his?
    Keith Richards
    Eric Clapton
    David Bowie
    Bob Dylan

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Compiled Jun 28 12