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Fabulous Films of the '40s

Created by beergirllaura

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Fabulous Films of the 40s game quiz
"Harold and Millie are enjoying the 1940s, a decade that gave us many unforgettable movies to escape into. So pop up some corn, grab a chair, open a soda, and let's go to the movies."

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1. "Hey, Milly-filly," Harold says, "Let's hop in the percolator and go see that new movie directed by Vincente Minnelli." "Is that the one with Margaret O'Brien?" Millie asks, grabbing her sweater. "I heard the tunes 'The Boy Next Door' and 'The Trolley Song' are all the aces." Which 1944 musical are Harold and Millie going to see?
    Easter Parade
    Kiss Me Kate
    Singin' in the Rain
    Meet Me in St. Louis

2. "I want to go see the new Mickey Rooney movie," Millie says. "He's swoony." Harold grins. "Is that the one based on Enid Bagnold's book? The book with Pie?" Millie nods, and they're off to see which 1944 movie?
    National Velvet
    Yankee Doodle Dandy
    Little Miss Marker

3. "Hey, duchess," Harold says as he flips the newspaper onto the floor. "There's a great write-up about this movie with Peggy Ann Garner and Joan Fontaine." "I read the Bronte novel that the movie is based on," Millie says as she picks up the newspaper. "That's the movie where they play the same character, with Garner as a child and Fontaine as a woman." Which 1944 gothic film are these two actresses in?
    Jane Eyre
    Wuthering Heights
    To Have and Have Not

4. "There's a new Judy Garland movie at the theater" Harold says, tucking Millie's arm around his elbow. "And it has your favorite song in it. 'On the Atchison, Topeka and the Santa Fe'." Millie giggles and says, "Let's go, Romeo!" Which 1946 movie are they going to see?
    On the Town
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    The Harvey Girls
    Top Hat

5. "I adore Lon Chaney Jr.," Millie says. "I can't say I adore him," Harold says. "But he's a good actor. Isn't he in that new horror movie? The one where he plays a guy named Larry Talbot?" Which 1941 movie are they talking about?
    The Wolf Man
    The Werewolf of London
    The Invisible Man

6. "Now here's my kind of movie," Harold says, admiring the movie poster. "That's Babe Ruth, and he's actually in this movie." Millie groans. "A sports movie?" Oblivious, Harold says, "The Babe plays himself in this story of another great athlete." Which 1942 movie is this?
    Brian's Song
    Dark Victory
    Bang the Drum Slowly
    The Pride of the Yankees

7. "I think we should star in our own movie," Millie says, holding Harold's hand as they leave the theater. "Sure thing, angel cake," Harold agrees. "A comedy, like the one we just watched. But, I can't see us as a married pair of lawyers on opposite sides of the same case." Which 1949 movie did they just see?
    The Court Jester
    His Girl Friday
    Monkey Business
    Adam's Rib

8. "My sister says we have to go see this new movie," Millie says. "It stars Rex Harrison and Gene Tierney." "Of course she'd say that," Harold agrees. "She adores anything romantic." Which 1947 movie was later made into a television series starring Edward Mulhare and Hope Lange?
    The Thin Man
    Sullivan's Travels
    Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
    The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

9. After settling into their seats, Harold and Millie dig into their popcorn. "This movie is going to happify you," Harold says. Wiping a smudge of butter off Harold's chin, Millie says, "'Arsenic and Old Lace' doesn't sound like a happy movie title. Who directed it?" Who is the director of this 1942 classic?
    William Wyler
    Frank Capra
    Howard Hawks
    Preston Sturges

10. "I don't think I'm going to like this movie," Harold says, as he hands a fin to the dolly behind the glass. "I heard it's a flop." Millie shrugs and says, "I like Frank Capra movies. I think he's just ahead of his time." Which 1946 Frank Capra 'flop' are they waiting to see?
    It's a Wonderful Life
    Mr Deeds Goes to Town
    Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
    It Happened One Night

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