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Those Sporting Cats

Created by Snowman

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Those Sporting Cats game quiz
"Lithe, graceful and deadly, and sometimes very sleepy, cats big and small are the perfect simile for the successful athlete. Not surprisingly then, cat-like nicknames have been applied to teams and individuals across the sporting world."

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1. This cat is one of the most successful golfers in the history of the game. His achievements are too many to list here but include setting a new record for youngest player to claim golf's career slam and, in 2000, equaling the 138-year-old record for the largest winning margin in a major with a 15-shot win in the US Open. Famed for always wearing red in the final round, who is this golfing prodigy made good?
    Arnold Panther
    Jaguar Nicklaus
    Tiger Woods
    Leopard Trevino

2. This country's national football side, "The Indomitable Lions", became the first African nation to reach the quarterfinals of the FIFA World Cup when they achieved this feat in 1990. They very nearly went even further but were defeated 3-2 after extra time in the quarterfinal by England. Which African nation was this?

3. This Czechoslovakian-born tennis player was known as "Big Cat" for his speed and his graceful style on court. Though he never won a Grand Slam tournament, he was the winner of the men's singles gold medal at the Seoul Olympic Games in 1988. His appearance in the 1986 US Open was notable for being the last time in the twentieth century that a player contested a Grand Slam final whilst playing with a wooden racquet. Who was this "Big Cat"?
    Jaroslav Drobny
    Ivan Lendl
    Miloslav Mecir
    Petr Korda

4. One of two expansion teams to join the NFL in 1995, they contested their first Super Bowl in 2004, losing narrowly to the New England Patriots. Who are they?
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    Carolina Panthers
    Cincinnati Bengals
    Detroit Lions

5. This cricketer was known as "The Cat" not because of his graceful style of play, but because of his ability to catnap during matches. Despite his relaxed approach to the game, and his generally hopeless batting, he played in 42 Test matches for England taking 121 wickets with his left-arm spin, including a match-winning 11 wicket haul at the Oval against Australia in 1997. Which Middlesex cricketer was this?
    John Emburey
    Angus Fraser
    Phil Edmonds
    Phil Tufnell

6. Perhaps the best known of nicknames in the world of Rugby Union is the All Blacks of New Zealand but in the 2007 Rugby World Cup, the Springboks of South Africa and the Red and Whites of England contested the final. Which country, known to the world as the Pumas, took third spot after victory over the host nation France?

7. Mark Cavendish has played a significant part in the success of British cycling in the first decade of the 21st century. In the 2008 Tour de France he set a new record for a British cyclist by winning four stages of the race. A year later he bettered this with six stage wins. What nickname was he given to reflect speed and his roots in the Isle of Man?
    Peel Panther
    Castletown Cougar
    Manx Express
    Laxey Lion

8. Hailing from Mozambique, this man was one of the greatest footballers of the twentieth century. Nicknamed the "Black Panther" owing to his remarkable speed and deadly instincts in front of goal, he averaged better than a goal a game throughout his European career and was named European Footballer of the Year in 1965. As well as winning the European Cup in 1962, he won the golden boot as the top scorer at the FIFA World Cup of 1966. Who was this Portuguese footballing superstar?
    Mario Coluna
    Jose Torres
    Jose Augusto

9. In 2000, the Ford motor company bought Stewart Grand Prix to help promote one of the grand marques of the motoring world. Entering the Formula One season with drivers Eddie Irvine and Johnny Herbert, to what name was the team re-branded?
    Cougar F1
    Lynx Grand Prix
    Jaguar Racing
    Leopard Racing

10. One of the most famous political statements ever made in Olympic history came at the 1968 Games in Mexico City. As the anthems began during the medal ceremony for the men's 200m, the winners of the gold and bronze medals bowed their heads and raised their clenched fists in what was known as the "Black Power salute", associated with the militant civil rights group, the Black Panther Party. Who were the American athletes who risked their competitive futures on this gesture of solidarity?
    Lee Evans & Ron Freeman
    Bob Beamon & Ralph Boston
    Tommie Smith & John Carlos
    Jim Hines & Charles Greene

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