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Dragonball Z - "A Fight against Gravity"

Created by Braveneworld

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Dragonball Z  A Fight against Gravity game quiz
"Goku is starting to master training in increased gravity. However, Gohan struggles with the force, swearing, as he tries to scale the steep cliff Piccolo knocked him off."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. King Kai tells Goku he has lived on his planet for 1,000 years.

2. Complete King Kai's bad joke: "My uncle is so large that when he sits around the house..."
    You need to take a detour
    I feel bad for those sofas
    I feel bad for the flowers with no sunlight
    He really sits around the house

3. What restriction does King Kai eventually impose upon Goku in his chasing Bubbles?
    He has to wear his weighted clothing
    He cannot leap at Bubbles to catch him
    He cannot go behind trees or buildings to sneak up on Bubbles
    He cannot run the opposite way around the intersect course to trick Bubbles

4. What is first joke Goku uses to make King Kai laugh?
    What's the difference between a jeweler and jailer?
    Why did the chicken cross the road?
    His telephone joke
    I just came home from Snake Way and, boy, are my arms tired!

5. What is the gravity in King Kai's planet compared to Earth?
    10 x
    2 x
    50 x
    3 x

6. In how many days does King Kai mind read the Saiyans will arrive on Earth?
    88 days
    90 days
    86 days
    60 days

7. Piccolo shows mercy uncharacteristic of him when he rescues Gohan from the river he knocked him into when sparring.

8. Where does Gohan invite an uninterested Piccolo to?
    His birthday party
    Goku's birthday party
    Goku's revival
    To study with him

9. What doesn't happen when Bubbles slows down to grab a banana?
    Bubbles only takes one bite of the banana
    Goku misses diving and falls in the grass
    Goku falls in the road
    Goku slips on the banana peel

10. What is Goku impressed with at King Kai's planet?
    Bubbles' second gear speed
    King Kai's car
    The food
    King Kai's jokes

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Compiled Jun 28 12