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Body Language... Horse Style

Created by sarahcateh

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Body Language Horse Style game quiz
"I have just introduced a new mare named Cassidy into the herd at my farm. Help Cassie read the body language of her new herd mates so that she can make friends (and stay out of trouble)."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. We put Cassidy in a paddock for a couple of days to let her get acclimated to the farm. Two paddocks away resides our stallion, Knox. He keeps raising his head and curling back his upper lip while facing her direction. Cassie can't make him out, what is he doing?
    threatening to bite her if she gets closer
    giving her a big welcoming smile
    letting her smell his breath
    smelling her pheromones

2. Cassidy finally starts to settle in at the farm. We introduce her into a pasture with an old gelding, Roger. When Cassie gets into the pasture with Roger for the first time he holds his head low, pins his ears and walks quickly towards her while staring at her. What is he doing and what does it mean?
    smelling to decide whether she is a friendly being
    showing her that he is submissive
    it has nothing to do with her, he is just grazing
    "driving" her to assert dominance

3. Cassie and Roger are grazing in the pasture when Roger begins to swish his tail and stomp his back feet. His ears are hanging neutrally to the sides and his eyes are wide open. Cassie doesn't run away from him. Did she do the right thing?

4. Roger and Cassidy have finally ironed out a nice friendship and we decide to introduce one of our younger mares, Liza, into the herd. As soon as she enters the herd she moves into a corner of the pasture, pins her ears and tucks her tail tightly between her legs. Should Cassidy approach her new herd mate?

5. Liza has learned to accept Cassidy and Roger for the most part, but she is still pretty skittish. Cassidy looks at Liza from across the field and notices that she is staring into the woods with her ears forward, head raised, nostrils flared and the whites of her eyes showing. What did Liza most likely just see?
    a deer
    a hunter
    any of these
    a squirrel

6. The wind is blowing hard and Cassie watches as Roger and Liza gallop by. They are tossing their heads, their ears are forward, their tails are held high and they are bucking every so often. Are they running from danger?

7. Liza and Cassidy were just taken out for a long trail ride together. After the ride, I bathe them and put them out in the pasture. As soon as Liza gets into the pasture she drops down on her front knees, startling Cassie. What is Liza most likely about to do?
    graze on her front knees to be closer to the grass
    take a nap
    beg for treats

8. Lately Cassie has noticed that when she interacts with Liza , she holds her head low and appears to be chewing something even when she has no food in her mouth. When Liza acts like this, she also keeps her eyes averted. What is this a sign of?
    Liza is still timid around Cassie
    Cassie is stealing Liza's food and Liza is starving
    Liza is chewing her cud
    Liza is submissive to Cassie

9. Cassidy has noticed the stallion Knox behaving strangely. Whenever he comes across a pile of manure on the property, he stops, smells it, and then usually defecates right on top of it! Why is Knox doing this?
    all horses do this, it is their preferred way to poop!
    he is marking his territory
    this is a behavioral vice
    none of these

10. If Cassie sees one of her herd mates with their ears back she can definitely assume that they are upset or tense.

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Compiled Nov 12 12