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The Church Calendar

Created by albinerhawk

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The Church Calendar game quiz
"The church calendar has been developed over the centuries as a way to observe the festivals of the Christian church. Here I will cover (disclaimer: from a Lutheran perspective) the festivals and the various traditions associated with the church year."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. There are various seasons during the church year. Which season begins the church year?

2. There are special seasons of the church year and there is also "ordinary time". Which of the following festival days is followed by "ordinary time"?
    Ash Wednesday

3. As different colors are associated with different seasons of the church year, which color is used during Lent?

4. Holy Week is packed with different holidays and observances. Which of the following is NOT during Holy Week?
    Good Friday
    Palm Sunday
    Maundy Thursday
    Ash Wednesday

5. The church year puts aside different festivals for saints, to remember their example, or other minor events. These festivals are linked not with Sundays but actual calendar dates. Which festival occurs on June 24th?
    Nativity of St. John the Baptist
    Conversion of St. Paul
    St. Mary, Mother of Our Lord
    St. James of Jerusalem

6. Which of these factors does NOT influence the date Easter (for the Western church) falls on?
    Moon phases
    Day of the week
    Spring equinox

7. What Biblical event do Christians associate with the Day of Pentecost?
    The confession of St. Peter
    The baptism of Jesus
    The outpouring of the Holy Spirit
    The conversion of the first gentile, a centurion

8. Which Christian holiday is related to the origins of Halloween?
    All Saints' Day
    Annunciation of Our Lord
    Holy Cross Day
    Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist

9. The Transfiguration marks the Biblical event of when the appearance of Jesus changed so that his face shone and he was dressed brightly in white. What church day does the Transfiguration precede? (in the Lutheran and United Methodist tradition)
    Holy Trinity
    Ash Wednesday
    Holy Cross Day

10. What Biblical event does the Sunday marking the Epiphany of Our Lord observe?
    The angel's visitation to Mary
    The martyrdom of the Holy Innocents
    The coming of the Magi
    The circumcision of Jesus

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