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Take Acts - The Mixed Quiz ( Scores )
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
The Book of Acts

Here is a quiz on the Book of Acts from the New Testament. All quotes are from the English Standard Version.
Average (25 qns)
May 30 09
2892 plays
Quizzing the New Testament : Acts

This quiz is part of a series looking at the books of the New Testament. The Acts of the Apostles details the expansion of Christianity across the then known world. Come and step inside.
Average (10 qns)
Nov 10 09
2043 plays
Stephen -- First Recorded Martyr in Early Church

Stephen was the first recorded martyr in the early church with his story appearing in Acts 6 and 7. How much do you know about this legendary church leader? (The NIV was used for this quiz.)
Easy (10 qns)
Oct 02 10
1677 plays
Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch

One of the more interesting stories in Acts involves Philip, one of the seven Grecian disciples, and the Ethiopian eunuch. How much do you know about the encounter between the two? (The NIV was used for this quiz.)
Easy (10 qns)
Oct 15 10
1224 plays
Short Sketch of Scripture's 'Selfless Silas'

Silas was a key worker in the early church, often laboring tirelessly behind the scenes and in the shadows of Paul and Peter. How much do you know about 'Selfless Silas'? (The NIV was used for this quiz.)
Average (10 qns)
Sep 17 10
867 plays
BBB Bible Series: The Acts Of The Apostles

This quiz is about the early years of the church, some of its leaders, and others who helped fan the Good News of Christ into all the world.
Average (10 qns)
Feb 05 11
1059 plays
Paul and Silas in Chains for the Gospel of Christ

The account of Paul and Silas being put in jail for preaching the Gospel appears in Acts 16:16-40 and is a favorite with many Christians. How much do you know about their eventful time behind bars? (The NIV was used for this quiz.)
Easy (10 qns)
Aug 29 10
750 plays
Peter Revives 'Dead as a Door Nail' Dorcas

One of my favorite stories in Acts is about the disciple Peter reviving a widow called Dorcas from the dead. Although only eight verses are devoted to the story, there's a wealth of information. How much do you know? (The NIV was used for this quiz.)
Easy (10 qns)
Jun 25 10
864 plays
Peter's Miraculous Escape from Prison

The story of Peter's miraculous escape from prison and imminent death is told in Acts 12:1-18. How much do you know about the story, which is popular with Christians around the world? (The NIV was used for this quiz.)
Average (10 qns)
Sep 02 10
726 plays
Move Aside Molly Brown, Make Way for Paul

The Unsinkable Molly Brown had nothing on Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles. He was shipwrecked three times, according to 2 Corinthians 11:25. How much do you know about his shipwreck off Malta? (The NIV was used for this quiz.)
Easy (10 qns)
Sep 06 10
588 plays
The Day of Pentecost

Here a few questions about the first Pentecost in the Bible. The story of Pentecost can be found in Acts 2.
Average (10 qns)
Jun 07 07
4107 plays
Sleepy Eutychus Falls from Window and Dies

Eutychus was a young man who fell into a deep sleep while Paul was preaching, only to fall to his death from an upper story window before being raised from the dead. How much do you know about this highly-unusual story? (The NIV was used for this quiz.)
Easy (10 qns)
Jul 02 10
690 plays
A Quick Look at the Conversion of Lydia

The conversion of Lydia is recalled in Acts 16: 11-15 and there's also mention of her in verse 40. How much do you know about the woman who many believe was the first convert to Christianity in Europe? (The NIV was used for this quiz.)
Easy (10 qns)
Aug 24 10
564 plays
Peter, John and the Crippled Beggar

The account of Peter, John and the crippled beggar tells of one of the first miracles performed by the disciples after the ascension of Jesus. How much do you know? (The NIV was used for this quiz.)
Easy (10 qns)
Sep 26 10
666 plays
Acts of the Apostles

This quiz tests your knowledge of the Book of Acts, also known as the "Acts of the Apostles". The book of Acts is the history of the beginning of Christianity and its church.
Easy (10 qns)
Aug 04 02
9042 plays
Paul's Missionary Journeys

In the Book of Acts, the newly converted Paul set out on three missionary journeys to the known world to spread the Gospel. Quotations are from the Revised Standard Version.
Average (10 qns)
Jul 03 09
1365 plays
The Picture Book of Acts 1-5

"The Acts of the Apostles" lives up to its action-packed name! I hope you enjoy the pictures, questions, and information in this quiz on the first five chapters. Unless otherwise stated, quotations are from the New International Version of the Bible.
Average (10 qns)
Dec 15 13
642 plays
Cornelius: Minor Character, Major Impact

The story of Cornelius is told in Acts, chapter 10. He was a minor character in the New Testament, but his actions had a major impact on Christianity in the early days. How much do you know about him? (The NIV was used for this quiz.)
Easy (10 qns)
Jun 29 10
687 plays
The Conversion of Saul

Saul, who became better known as the Apostle Paul, began his walk with Christ in a unique way. What do you remember about the conversion of Saul?
Average (10 qns)
Jun 15 01
7632 plays
Let's Build a Church!

The early apostles and followers of Jesus were faced with a daunting task-to lay the groundwork for the Christian church. The Acts of the Apostles tells of the early work of these faithful and tireless men and women.
Average (10 qns)
Jan 09 14
390 plays
A Look At Peter; A Look At Paul (Acts 10 and 19)

Please feel free to use your open Bible. Since this is not a timed quiz, you should do well. Take your time and enjoy! (All references are from the King James Version.)
Average (10 qns)
Apr 21 10
582 plays
What Were the Acts of the Apostles?

This quiz is based on the book of "Acts", a book of the New Testament. The King James Version of the Holy Bible was used in making this quiz.
Easy (10 qns)
Oct 15 09
873 plays
Blinded by the Light

In this quiz I'm going to test your knowledge on Saul's conversion found in Acts 9. All references are from the NIV. Have fun!
Average (10 qns)
Feb 02 12
627 plays
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