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British Commandos in WWII

Created by beterave

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British Commandos in WWII game quiz
"These remarkable soldiers were one of England's finest during the darkest days of WWII."

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1. When were British Commando units formed?
    during the Battle of Britain
    at the start of hostilities
    right after Dunkirk
    after the fall of Tobruk

2. How were the first members of the Commandos selected?
    they were conscripted
    they were volunteers
    the British Admiralty selected them
    they were remnants from shattered formations

3. Where did the name 'Commandos' come from?
    the Boer War
    the Afghan Wars
    the English Civil War

4. Where was the first commando operation?
    Lofoten Islands

5. What vital item was recovered in Operation Claymore?
    political prisoners
    plans for secret weapons
    encryption devices
    looted gold

6. Who did #11 Commando attempt to kill in a raid behind enemy lines in Libya?
    Emilio Garavelli
    Fritz Bayerlein
    Erwin Rommel
    Gastone Gambara

7. What was the importance of the raid on Vaagso, Norway?
    German losses in war material
    Finland changed its policy toward the Allies
    Sweden entered the war on the side of the Allies
    Germany diverted resources to Norway

8. What did #2 Commando use to destroy the drydock at St. Nazaire?
    HMS Trident
    HMS Campbeltown
    HMS Glory
    HMS Chariot

9. Why was the raid on Dieppe a failure?
    untried equipment was used
    bad weather changed the plan
    it was poorly planned
    the Germans knew in advance

10. What did the 'Commando Order' tell the German armed forces to do with captured commandos?
    take them prisoner
    execute them
    treat them as equals
    use your discretion

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