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Was Shakespeare Really Marlowe?

Created by daver852

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Was Shakespeare Really Marlowe game quiz
"This quiz will show why many believe Christopher Marlowe to be the true author of the plays and sonnets long attributed to the actor, William Shakespeare."

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1. What do William Shakespeare of Stratford-on-Avon and Christopher Marlowe have in common?
    Attended the same university
    Both married young
    Both were left handed
    Born in the same year

2. Marlowe's earliest works are translations of Lucan's "Pharsalia" and Ovid's "Elegies." How old was he when wrote these?

3. Both Marlowe's and Shakespeare's fathers were named John. Marlowe's father was a cobbler, and Shakespeare's a glove maker. Which was able to read and write?
    John Shakespeare
    John Marlowe

4. During his days at Cambridge, there is evidence showing that Marlowe was employed by the English government in what capacity?
    Tax collector

5. Marlow may have begun his career as a playwright while still at Cambridge; some scholars date Dido, Queen of Carthage (possibly written in collaboration with fellow student Thomas Nashe) to the early 1580s. But in 1587, the play that made Marlowe famous was first performed upon the London stage. What was it?
    Edward II
    The Tragical Historie of Doctor Faustus
    Tamburlaine, Part I
    The Jew of Malta

6. In 1592, Marlowe was arrested in Holland and sent to England, charged with what crime?

7. In May, 1593 a warrant for Marlowe's arrest on charges of atheism was issued. What famous writer gave evidence that led to Marlowe's arrest?
    Thomas Nashe
    Robert Greene
    William Shakespeare
    Thomas Kyd

8. On May 30, 1593 Christopher Marlowe was supposedly killed in a brawl in the town of Deptford, a few miles from London. Who is supposed to have killed him?
    Richard Baines
    Robert Poley
    Ingram Frizer
    Nicholas Skeres

9. Then, as now, an inquest had to be held whenever homicide was involved. What was unusual about Marlowe's inquest?
    Two separate inquests were held, two days apart
    It was delayed for three days
    It was held by the Queen's Coroner
    No inquest was held

10. Marlovians believe that Marlowe was not killed in Deptford, that his murder was staged, and another man's body substitued for Marlowe's. Who was the man most Marlovians believe "stood in" for Marlowe at the inquest?
    Henry Barrow
    John Penry
    John Greenwood
    Ben Jonson

11. Just thirteen days after Marlowe's alleged death, the first work bearing the name of William Shakespeare was published. What was it?
    Romeo and Juliet
    Venus and Adonis
    Henry VI, Part I
    The Rape of Lucrece

12. Shakespeare's plays contain numerous references that may refer to Marlowe and his faked death and exile.

13. In addition to the plays, many scholars claim that Shakespeare's sonnets contain evidence that they were written by Marlowe, not Shakespeare. The most famous book on this subject is "The Story That the Sonnets Tell." Who wrote it?
    Tom Reedy
    W. T. Baldwin
    David Kathman
    A. D. Wraight

14. An annual prize is given for the best essay on the Marlowe/Shakespeare authorship question. What is it called?
    The John Baker Medal
    The Marlowe Award
    The Hoffman Prize
    The Authorship Prize

15. Marlovian scholar Peter Farey has advanced a very convincing (to me at least) argument that proof exists that Marlowe is the true author of Shakespeare's writings. What does he use to make his argument?
    Shakespeare's portrait
    Handwriting analysis
    Secret documents in the British Museum
    Shakespeare's memorial plaque

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