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NFL 2000-2009

Created by Triviacentric

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NFL 20002009 game quiz
"NFL in the first decade of the 21st century. Let's see how your memory shapes up."

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1. Who was the 1st overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft?
    Jason Smith
    Ryan Succop
    Jake Long
    Matthew Stafford

2. Which team finished the 2008 NFL season with the dubious record of 0-16?
    Cleveland Browns
    St. Louis Rams
    Detroit Lions
    Kansas City Chiefs

3. Super Bowl XLII was played in February 2008 following the end of the 2007 NFL regular season. Which newspaper notably began preselling the book "19-0: The Historic Championship Season of New England's Unbeatable Patriots" weeks before Super Bowl XLII had even begun?
    New York Post
    Boston Herald
    Boston Globe
    South Boston Tribune

4. Who had the most touchdowns in the 2006 NFL season?
    LaDainian Tomlinson
    Priest Holmes
    Shaun Alexander
    Vince Young

5. At the start of the 2005 NFL season, the horse collar tackle was banned. Which player significantly used this tackle the season before?
    Steve Hutchinson
    Troy Polamalu
    Ray Lewis
    Roy Williams

6. Who was the 2004 NFL Comeback Player of the Year?
    Chad Pennington
    Greg Ellis
    Jon Kitna
    Drew Brees

7. In the 2003 regular season, which team conceded the second lowest amount of points?
    Dallas Cowboys
    Miami Dolphins
    New England Patriots
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers

8. Super Bowl XXXVII was played in January 2003 following the end of the 2002 NFL regular season. Which quarterback threw five interceptions at Super Bowl XXXVII?
    Rich Gannon
    Marques Tuiasosopo
    Brad Johnson
    Shaun King

9. Who was the 1st overall pick in the 2001 NFL Draft?
    Leonard Davis
    Michael Vick
    LaDainian Tomlinson
    Drew Brees

10. In the 2000 NFL season, Darren Bennett punted an average of 46.2 yards. Which team was he playing for?
    San Diego Chargers
    Indianapolis Colts
    Minnesota Vikings
    Atlanta Falcons

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