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Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie

Created by Buddy1

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Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie game quiz
""Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie" was a Disney Channel Original Movie that originally aired in 2009. See how much you can remember by taking this quiz."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Jerry and Theresa told Alex she had to stay in the sub station and not go to the party. How did Alex get around this?
    By bringing the party to Waverly Sub Station.
    She did not get around this.
    By teleporting the sub station to the location of the party.
    By enchanting part of the sub station into an actual subway.

2. Where did the Russos go on vacation?
    Puerto Rico
    Costa Rica

3. According to Theresa, what happened when she and Jerry first met, before they were married?
    Theresa dumped guava juice on Jerry.
    Jerry dumped papaya juice on Theresa.
    Jerry dumped guava juice on Theresa.
    Theresa dumped papaya juice on Jerry.

4. As a result of Alex's spell, who was erased from existence?
    Justin, Alex, and Max
    Alex and Max
    Justin and Max

5. What did Jerry give to Justin that Alex thought no one was supposed to have?
    portal key
    crystal ball
    family wand
    enchanted bag

6. Who or what was Giselle?
    the location of the Stone of Dreams
    a human turned into a parrot
    a street magician
    a parrot turned into a human

7. What happened to the family wand when Alex wished her parents never met each other?
    Nothing happened
    It took on a mind of its own.
    It remained in Jerry's possession.
    It disappeared.

8. What did Alex do to understand the locals that were at the cliffs?
    She found an interpreter to help her speak with the locals.
    She cast a spell on the locals so it would appear as if they were speaking English.
    She cast a spell that provided captions for her to read.
    She drew pictures that described what she wanted.

9. During the wizard competition, only spells involving the four elements were allowed to be cast. Which element did Alex frequently use to stop Justin from beating her?

10. After Alex's spell was reversed, who had memories of what happened as a result of Alex's spell?
    Justin, Alex, and Max
    Justin, Alex, Max, Theresa, Jerry
    Jerry and Theresa

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Compiled Jun 28 12