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Anyone for Tennis

Created by looney_tunes

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Anyone for Tennis game quiz
""Anyone for Tennis" was a song written by Eric Clapton and Martin Sharpe, released by Cream in 1968, but the phrase leads to multiple levels of cultural resonance. Let's explore!"

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1. The phrase 'anyone for tennis?' is considered to have originated in the play "Misalliance". What was the genre of this play, written in 1909-1910?
    drawing room comedy

2. The phrase 'anyone for tennis?' is generally thought to have originated in the play "Misalliance". What Irish playwright (the author of more familiar plays such as "Pygmalion") wrote this play, which opened in 1910?
    George Bernard Shaw
    Samuel Beckett
    Oscar Wilde
    Brendan Behan

3. What character in the 1910 play "Misalliance" delivered the classic (and often paraphrased) line, 'Anybody on for a game of tennis'?
    Johnny Cash
    Johnny Carson
    Johnny Tarleton
    Johnny Appleseed

4. In the Monty Python skit "Sam Peckinpah's 'Salad Days'", a character in Edwardian dress agrees with the rest of the cast that it is a glorious day, then adds "I say, anyone for tennis?" Which globe-trotting team member delivered this line?
    Michael Palin
    Eric Idle
    John Cleese
    Graham Chapman

5. The Monty Python skit "Sam Peckinpah's 'Salad Days'" parodies the work of Sam Peckinpah, famous for the use of extreme bloodshed and violence in his films. Which of the following was NOT one of his early films?
    The Wild Bunch
    Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
    Straw Dogs
    Salad Days

6. The Monty Python skit "Sam Peckinpah's 'Salad Days'" parodies the musical "Salad Days", which was the longest-running musical in British history until it was overtaken by a play that opened in 1960. What Lionel Bart musical, based on a Charles Dickens novel, took the longevity title away from "Salad Days"?
    The King and I
    The Mousetrap

7. The 1955 musical "Salad Days" takes its title from a line in a play by a (really, really) well-known English playwright. Which one?
    Noel Coward
    William Shakespeare
    W. S. Gilbert
    Ben Jonson

8. What is the meaning of the phrase 'salad days' as referred to in the title of the musical "Salad Days"?
    periods of dieting
    youth and inexperience
    commitment to vegetarianism

9. What elderly character from "The Simpsons" made a reference to his/her 'salad days'?
    Lisa Simpson
    Barney Gumble
    Moe Syzlak
    Montgomery Burns

10. "Anyone For Tennis" is the name of a song by Cream. What Australian band also released a (different) composition with that name as the B side of their debut single "Who Can It Be, Now?"?
    Men At Work
    Cold Chisel

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