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Created by neon000

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Christian Holidays and Feasts
Lent game quiz
"The resurrection of Jesus, celebrated as Easter or Pascha, is the most sacred day of the year for Christians. Many denominations take part in several weeks of spiritual preparation, called Lent. Here is a quiz on the practice. Thanks, hope you enjoy."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. In the Eastern Orthodox Church, the first Monday of Lent is a time of celebration. This is so people will not become downcast by the fasting, but see it as a time to make a 'new start' and draw closer to God. What is the day called?
    Clean Monday
    Solemn Monday
    Super Monday
    Orange Monday

2. On the first Wednesday of Lent, Roman Catholics attend services and have something placed on their foreheads. What is this?

3. Several churches observe similar guidelines about meals during Lent. These include reducing the size of meals, avoiding rich foods, and so on. People may also make changes in other ways. Which of the following is generally *not* true in these churches?
    One should try to make more time for prayer and contemplation
    You can continue to drink water or non-alcoholic drinks
    One may eat meat and dairy at any time
    You can take medicines if they are necessary or prescribed

4. Most churches that observe Lent will allow certain exceptions to the fasting standards, for those with a pressing need. They may be allowed to eat more of certain types of foods. Which of these people would *not* qualify?
    A person with doctor's orders for their diet
    A person aged 25, with no known health issues
    A five-year-old
    Someone who is injured or ill

5. In some cultures, the day before the start of Lent, called Mardi Gras, or Carnival, is a celebration of one last time to do things not permitted during the fast. However, the day may be also called Shrove Tuesday. Why is that?
    People were not allowed to eat onions
    People had to bring their sheep to be sheared
    People were expected to start Lent by going to Confession
    People were expected to sleep all day, to avoid temptation

6. Lent is not only a time to fast, but also to pray. In the United Methodist Church, which of the following is the title of a Lenten meditation series written in 2010 by the Rev. Mark Price?
    Going to Calvary
    The Long Loneliness
    The Journey to Redemption
    Bread on the Way to the Cross

7. The object of Lenten fasting is not only to discipline oneself. In ancient times, one was expected to do which of the following?
    Get more physical exercise
    Ask your neighbors to return things they borrowed from you
    Take the money you would have spent on extra food, and give it to the poor
    Do seasonal cleaning at your house

8. The last day of Lent is Holy Saturday. In the Catholic Church, the policy is that the Easter Vigil Mass should begin at a particular time. What is that?
    Before sunset
    When any star other than the Sun is visible
    When the moon is visible
    After sunset

9. In the Lutheran Church, the minister will wear vestments of a certain color, as a sign of the repentance that is the theme of the season of Lent. What color is that?

10. Among children, one of the most anticipated traditions of the Lenten fast is the opportunity to break it. Which of the following is a snack often given as a gift to celebrate the end of the Lenten restrictions?
    Chocolate bunnies
    Crosses made out of palm fronds

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