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Trick or Treat on World Street

Created by doublemm

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Trick or Treat on World Street game quiz
"It's your first Halloween on World Street - a street full of families of different nationalities - and you are faced with a group of trick-or-treaters dressing up as scary monsters from their homelands. Can you recognise these spooky costumes?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. First up is Amado - the Filipino boy from three doors down. As he approaches your door, you note that he is walking backwards on all fours, with his head between his legs, and is bleating like a goat! This looks uncomfortable and so you deem Amado worthy of a chocolate bar. Which creature of Philippine folklore is Amado attempting to imitate?
    The Vayu
    The Sigbin
    The Kachina
    The Wampus Cat

2. Lulu, a girl named for her family's roots in the Algonquin tribe, is next to visit your door. Usually such a sweet-looking girl, Lulu has tonight transformed into a half-dead looking creature, with decaying skin and ferocious teeth. She informs you that she is a cannibal, but will settle for a bag of M&Ms. As what creature of Algonquin folklore is Lulu dressed?
    The Yeti
    The Chandra
    The Jengu
    The Wendigo

3. Bonde, who recently moved to World Street from the island of Zanzibar, has to turn sideways as he passes through your gate in order to accommodate his expansive bat-wings. Bonde is also sporting an eye-patch - an attempt to make clear that this particular ghoul is known for possessing only one eye. Which sinister creature is Bonde dressed as?
    A Gorgon
    A Bogle
    A Popobawa
    A Lamia

4. Large, shiny eyes and sharp, blood-stained teeth adorn your next visitor - Rahul, the Indian boy from across the street. Rahul tells you that he is a Vetala. Following a laughless pause after telling Rahul that all these sweets will rot his fangs, you send him on his way. Which more popular monster is the Vetala most similar to?
    A Witch
    A Werewolf
    A Vampire
    A Mummy

5. Little Johnny Smith from England now arrives at your door. He looks rather harmless (apart from the large iron pole he is carrying). As you compliment his cute little red hat whilst handing over a handful of lollipops, Johnny informs you that it is stained by the blood of his victims, and he runs away, chuckling to himself. What figure from English folklore was Johnny impersonating?
    A Gremlin
    A Redcap
    A Sprite
    A Brownie

6. Masako, a young girl from across the road, now knocks on your door. She has pulled her shirt over her head and is holding a plastic (and frightening looking) head in her hands. She tells you that this is because she has come as the Nukekubi - a monster found in tales from her home country. Which country is Masako from?
    South Africa

7. Schmuel, the Jewish boy from next door now plods slowly up your path, brandishing a plastic bag he hopes to fill with treats. He is padded out to make himself look bigger, and has strange symbols painted on his forehead. Schmuel robotically informs you that he is a character from Jewish folklore and is formed from the earth. Which figure is Schmuel dressed as?
    A Vileplume
    A Blastoise
    A Golem
    A Jigglypuff

8. Makaila, the Russian girl at number 33 now stomps miserably towards your door. You stare at her in disbelief as she dictates to you some of her bizarre qualities. These include being a cannibalistic hag, moving from place to place in a pestle and mortar, and living in a hut on chicken legs, surrounded by a gate of human bones. Which odd figure from Russian folklore is Makaila trying to emulate?
    Baba Yaga

9. Bruce, the Australian boy on World Street, is next up. Bruce is 3 ft tall, and says that the monster he is dressed as is no bigger! He has come as the rather brilliantly named Yara-ma-yha-who - a vampire-like figure from Bruce's native country. He tells you that he only walks on land when hunting (whether it is for humans or a roll of fruit pastels). Where will the Yara-ma-yha-who otherwise be found?
    In the air
    In a tree
    In the sea

10. Your last visit of the night is from Seamus and Kieran, the Irish brothers from the bottom of the road. Though the brothers look rather comical dressed as a horse - one at the front and the other the unfortunate back - they inform you that this particular horse is demonic, and has a tendency to drown anyone who dares to mount it. Which Celtic creature are these brothers dressed as?
    The Kelpie
    The Bonnacon
    The Barometz
    The Undine

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Compiled Jun 28 12