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Created by dobby11

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GLEE game quiz
"Not Glee like happy, but "GLEE": the awesome TV show about a high school glee club!"

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1. What character does Mark Salling play?
    Finn Hudson
    Kurt Hummel
    Mike Chang
    Noah Puckerman

2. What is the name Finn creates for himself and Kurt when Kurt's dad and Finn's mom get married?

3. What is the name of the high school that Mr. Schuester works at?

4. Why does Kurt transfer to Dalton Academy?
    Rachel is too controlling
    Dave Karofsky is bullying him
    Blaine forces him to
    Sue expels him for being gay

5. Who is the actor, formerly a star of Full House, that plays Emma's boyfriend, Carl the Dentist?
    Bob Saget
    John Stamos
    Dave Coulier
    Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit

6. What is the song Will performs with Emma (with background chanting from the glee club) from the hit '70s musical/movie "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" in "The Rocky Horror Glee Show"?
    Damn it, Janet
    Touch a Touch a Touch a Touch Me
    There's a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place)
    Time Warp

7. What is the name of the boy who broke Rachel's heart, and while they were going out transferred to McKinley?

8. In the first episode of season 2, "Audition", there are two new students, one of whom is played by Charice. Who are they?
    Joseph Miller and Lola Mackenzie
    Ben Sallerton and Macy Johnson
    Harvey Linderville and Rayla Corazonnis
    Sam Evans and Sunshine Corazon

9. Who is the guest star in "The Substitute"?
    Olivia Newton John
    Gwyneth Paltrow
    Idina Menzel
    Kristen Chenoweth

10. The song performed by Rachel, Puck, Finn, and Jesse in 'Bad Reputation' is "Run Joey Run".

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Compiled Jun 28 12