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"Les Miserables" - Fun with Lyrics

Created by amcoffice

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Les Miserables Lyrics
Les Miserables  Fun with Lyrics game quiz
"See how much you know about the lyrics to my all-time favorite - "Les Miserables"!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. What thing or things does Fantine say "come at night?"
    the starlights
    the fighters
    the mighty
    the tigers

2. What is "not allowed" in the "Castle on a Cloud?"

3. According to the Thenardiers, what will happen once the barricades are cleared away?
    more empty tables and chairs
    the Thenardiers will still be there
    all will be fair
    the Thenardiers won't care

4. In "Red and Black," what is it that is "changing day by day?"
    the night that ends at last
    the colour of the world
    the dark of ages past
    the blood of angry men

5. "Look Down" in Act II: What is one of the ways that General Lamarque is described?
    a founder of the barricade
    a speaker of the people here above
    a swell who runs the show
    a leader of the band

6. "Bring Him Home": What is NOT one of the ways that Valjean describes Marius?

7. In "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables", what does Marius say "can't be spoken?"
    a belief
    a grief
    a dream
    a pain

8. In the Paris sewers, what does Thenardier find "stuck into a tooth?"
    a hint of gold
    a pretty little thing
    a bit of gold
    a tasy ring

9. In the aptly-named song "Finale," what is the last word of the musical?

10. Who does The Official Les Miserables Website credit as the lyricist for "Les Miserables?"
    Herbert Kretzmer
    Claude-Michel Schönberg
    Alain Boublil
    Cameron Mackintosh

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Compiled Jun 28 12