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Play Les Miserables Lyrics Topic Mash! - Scores
What do you know about this topic? Play this mixed game to try a little bit of everything!
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1 The Lyrics of "Les Miserables"
For this "Les Miserables" lyrics quiz, it is your job to choose the lyrics which immediately precede the lyrics in the question.
25 Q
Jul 02 12
363 plays
2 "Les Miserables" - Fun with Lyrics
See how much you know about the lyrics to my all-time favorite - "Les Miserables"!
10 Q
Jun 12 10
411 plays
3 Les Mis Lyrics
This is, of course, a Les Mis quiz about lyrics. Just fill in the missing word!
25 Q
Dec 20 00
4710 plays
4 Les Miserables Music
Who sang it? What are the lyrics? Do you remember the song title?
10 Q
May 28 00
6441 plays
5 Who Said What in 'Les Miserables'?
You know the songs by heart, but do you know exactly who sings what?
10 Q
Aug 16 00
3426 plays
6 "Les Miserables" Lyrics Test
One of the most amazing musicals of all time is "Les Miserables". Here's a quiz on how well you think you know the lyrics. Enjoy!
10 Q
Jun 08 11
384 plays
7 "Les Mis" Lyrics
Here's a quiz for all you "Les Mis" fans! Pick the next words/line.
10 Q
Jun 17 06
1032 plays
8 'Les Miserables' Lines I
This quiz goes from the beginning of the musical to the end of "Stars". How well do you know these lines, and who sings them?
20 Q
Feb 14 04
1881 plays
9 Name that Song from "Les Miserables"
This musical is one of the most famous musicals ever created. I will give a line from a song and you give me the name.
10 Q
Sep 02 11
357 plays
10 'Les Miserables' Lines III
The finale to my quizzes. This one begins after Eponine's Death and goes to the Finale. Hope you can figure out these lines, and who sings them.
20 Q
May 20 04
1125 plays
11 'Les Miserables' Lines II
A continuation of my first quiz. This quiz starts at "Eponine's Errand" and continues until her death.
20 Q
Apr 20 04
1209 plays
12 'Les Miserables' Lyrics
This is a finish the lyric quiz on 'Les Mis'.
10 Q
Aug 23 01
3741 plays
13 Finish the Lyric: "Les Mis" Style
Once again, a finish the lyric quiz, this time with Les Miserables lyrics.
15 Q
Sep 24 02
2004 plays
14 "Les Miz" Lyrics
This quiz is pretty simple...I'll give you a lyric from throughout "Les Miserables" and you give me the character who said it. Okay...good luck
10 Q
Dec 31 03
1050 plays
15 "Les Mis" Lyrics
Think you belong in the world of Enjolras and Eponine? Take this quiz and find out?
10 Q
Jan 21 12
207 plays
16 For True "Les Mis" Fans
So you think you're a true, hard core, die hard fan of the musical "Les Miserables"? :) Well let's see! This is a test of how well you know your lyrics. Enjoy!
20 Q
Feb 25 04
1512 plays
17 "Les Miserables" Lyrics
I give you a line, you give me the one that follows it. Simple enough.
10 Q
Mar 28 05
1083 plays
18 Lyrics from Les Miserables
See how well you know the lyrics from one of the best musicals that ever hit the stage.
10 Q
Dec 18 03
1467 plays
19 "Les Mis" Lyrics 1st Act
Here is a more difficult quiz on the songs of "Les Mis". Have fun!
20 Q
Jun 25 06
576 plays
20 Who Sang It?
I'll give you a line from the musical, you tell me the name of the character who sang it. Some of the lines are from the major songs in the play, but others are from the sung "dialogue" on the Complete Symphonic recording. Have fun!
15 Q
Feb 17 03
1725 plays
21 Whose Line? "Les Mis" Style!
Hi. Here's how we do this. I'll give you a line or part of a line from the musical, and you tell me who said it. Ready? Here we go!
10 Q
Apr 25 06
573 plays
22 "Les Miserables" - Lyrics to Songs
This quiz tests you on your knowledge on the songs from the musical "Les Miserables". You have to guess what song the lyrics are to from "Les Miserables". Good luck!
10 Q
Aug 01 14
195 plays
23 "Bring Him Home" "Les Miserables" DVD Act Two
This is based on the 10th Anniversary Concert DVD of "Les MisÚrables". It mostly concerns the lyrics in the second act - who sang what - and which lyric follows another. Enjoy!
15 Q
Aug 31 06
396 plays
24 "Master Of The House" : "Les Mis" DVD Act One
This is based on the 10th Anniversary Concert DVD of "Les MisÚrables". It concerns the lyrics in the first act - who sang what - and also small details. Enjoy!
20 Q
Aug 20 06
450 plays
25 'Les Miserables' Odd Lyric Out
The first 5 questions have three lines sung by the same person, and one odd one. The next 5 have three real lines, and one that I've made up. The final five have three connected somehow, and one odd one, but I'm not telling you how they're connected!
15 Q
Feb 14 04
1203 plays
26 Which Les Miserables Song Was It?
Same as my other quiz - Which Phantom Song Was It? - I'll give you the lyrics and you give me the song. Enjoy. For fill-in-the-blank questions, please don't use quotations around songs. Thanks!
10 Q
May 23 01
2934 plays
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Some sample questions from this category:

* Who sings 'A Little Fall of Rain'?
* Who sings 'He's like the son I might have known, If God had granted me a son'?
* The line 'and now I'm all alone again, no where to turn, no one to go to' is from which song?
* Who sings 'Had you been there tonight you might know how it feels, to be struck to the bone in a moment of breathless delight'?
* Who sings 'I used to dream that I would meet a Prince, but God Almighty! Have you seen what's happened since'?

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