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"24": Day 8 -- The Season in Ten Questions

Created by PDAZ

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : "24" - Season 8
24  Day 8  The Season in Ten Questions game quiz
"So you don't remember who killed whom with what in the 42nd minute of the ninth hour of Day 8? No problem. Here's a quiz on the essential plot points from the final season of "24"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. At the beginning of Day 8 of "24", Jack Bauer was a civilian living in New York City. What brought him back to CTU?
    His daughter was working there.
    An informant told him about an assassination plot.
    His apartment was bombed by a CTU agent.
    He found out Nina Myers was still alive.

2. With which CTU field agent did Jack Bauer work on Day 8 of "24"?
    Tony Almeida
    Cole Ortiz
    Chase Edmunds
    Curtis Manning

3. On Day 8 of "24", what goal was President Allison Taylor trying to achieve?
    The annexation of Canada
    A re-election against former President Charles Logan
    A peace treaty with the Islamic Republic of Kamistan
    A regime change in the Republic of Sangala

4. On Day 8 of "24", what did the terrorists threaten to do if their demands weren't met?
    Attack U.S. military installations
    Poison the Hudson River
    Set off a dirty bomb in New York City
    Shoot down planes in the New York City airspace

5. On Day 8 of "24", the government of which country was behind the events of the day?

6. On Day 8 of "24", who was the mole at CTU?
    Arlo Glass
    Dana Walsh
    Cole Ortiz
    Brian Hastings

7. During Day 8 of "24", who became the interim director of CTU?
    Jack Bauer
    Chloe O'Brian
    Cole Ortiz
    Arlo Glass

8. On Day 8 of "24", whose death set Jack Bauer off on a one-man rampage?
    Dana Walsh
    Tarin Faroush
    Jason Pillar
    Renee Walker

9. On Day 8 of "24", what led to President Allison Taylor's decision to resign?
    Ethan Kanin's illness
    Her participation in a cover-up
    Her ex-husband's financing of terrorists
    The resignation of her cabinet

10. At the end of Day 8 of "24", to whom were Jack Bauer's final words?
    Kim Bauer
    Cole Ortiz
    President Taylor
    Chloe O'Brian

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