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The Island of Spice

Created by chrissie25

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The Island of Spice game quiz
"The Caribbean is full of diverse cultures and people. While there are a lot of similarities, let's learn something about the differences in one of my favorite islands in the Caribbean. This quiz is about the Island of Spice--Grenada."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Grenada is an island located between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Its nearest neighbor to the north is Barbados, and to the south is Trinidad and Tobago. Who discovered the island in 1498?
    Ponce de Leon
    Christopher Columbus
    The Pilgrims

2. Like most of the Caribbean, Grenada has a volcanic history. What is the undersea volcano in the waters of Grenada called?
    Poseidon's Wrath
    Mt. Helena
    Morne de Grenville

3. Grenada applied for and received full independence to govern its own affairs in 1974 from Britain. Britain, however, left a Governor General to act as the Queen's representative. This move for independence was attributed primarily to one man, who later ruled the island. What was his name?
    Sir Henry Morgan
    George Brizan
    Maurice Bishop
    Sir Eric Matthew Gairy

4. Legend has it that the Caribs, the original residents of Grenada, were tired of fighting with the French and threw themselves over a cliff and into the sea rather than surrender their way of life. What was the cliff called?
    The Rock
    Jumping Hill
    Leapers Hill
    The Hill

5. In 1979, something revolutionary happened in Grenada: a new breed of politics and politicians was brewing. In a surprisingly bloodless revolution, the New Jewel Movement (NJM) seized power by force while the elected Prime Minister was in New York to address the United Nations. Who was the leader of the NJM?
    Bernard Coard
    Maurice Bishop
    Hudson Austin
    Fidel Castro

6. In 1983, there was another attempt of a revolution. There was a difference of opinion between the members of the ruling NJM, changed later to the People's Revolutionary Government (PRG). Breaking into two factions, the Prime Minister and most of his cabinet were executed by their compatriots. Who was slotted to take over the reins of government after the execution?
    Hudson Austin
    Bernard Coard
    Maurice Bishop

7. On September 7th 2004, the Island of Spice (Grenada) had yet another island-shaping experience. There was a major hurricane that practically leveled the island flat. It did not limit itself to the island but affected the USA and other countries as well. What was the hurricane called?

8. In 1783, Grenada was permanently ceded to the British. To take advantage of the rich, fertile soils and weather conditions, thousands of slaves were imported to work in the fields. What was the native crop that they were responsible for planting?
    Sugar Cane

9. "Ever Conscious of God We Aspire, Build and Advance as One People".

What do these words refer to in Grenada?
    Pledge of Allegiance
    National Anthem
    National Motto
    The flag

10. What does this text excerpt represent in Grenada?

"Hail Grenada, Land of ours
We pledge ourselves to thee
Heads, hearts and hands in unity
To reach our destiny..."
    National Motto
    The National Anthem
    Popular patriotic song
    Pledge of Allegiance

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