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What's My Name? No. 2

Created by Aerowynne

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Real Name
Whats My Name No 2 game quiz
"Try and see if you know what these famous people's names are."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. David Bowie : what is his real name?
    David Robert Jones
    David Bowie is his real name
    David Roberts
    Robert David Jones

2. Boy George : what is his real name?
    George Alan O'Dowd
    Boy George is his real name
    Alan O'Dowd
    Alan George

3. Martin Sheen : what is his real name?
    Ramon Estevez
    Martin Sheen is his real name
    Martin Estevez
    Charlie Estevez

4. Roy Rogers : what is his real name?
    Byron Barr
    Leonard Slye
    Roy Rogers is his real name
    Roy LeCarre

5. Doris Day : what is her real name?
    Hilda Dayznyski
    Grette Hussleburg
    Doris Von Kappelhoff
    Doris Day is her real name

6. Tom Cruise : what is his real name?
    Thomas Mapother
    Tom Cruise is his real name
    Tommy Corbett
    Tom Kaminsky

7. River Phoenix : what is his real name?
    Eric Bennett
    Ernest Bennett
    Ben Ericson
    River Jude Bottom

8. Della Reese : what is her real name?
    Della Reese is her name
    Delloreese Patricia Early
    Patricia Reese
    Patricia Early

9. Sinead O'Conner : what is her real name?
    Sinead O'Connor is her real name
    Lasseal Sinead O'Connor
    Lassinead O'Conner
    Sineal O'Conner

10. Michael Keaton : what is his real name?
    Michael Caine
    Michelangelo Keaton
    Michael Keaton is his real name
    Michael Douglas

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Compiled Nov 06 13