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Macedonia: Modern is the New Ancient

Created by stuthehistoryguy

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Macedonia Modern is the New Ancient game quiz
"A quiz on the country of Alexander the Great, and why that statement makes Greek people angry."

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1. The 21st-century country of Macedonia is named for the ancient Kingdom of Macedon, which conquered the area in the fourth century BCE. What famed conqueror and father of Alexander the Great annexed what is now Macedonia?
    Philip II

2. In the sixth century CE, Macedonia's Thracian, Illyrian, and Roman peoples were largely displaced by a new group of migrants from around present-day Ukraine. Who were these new settlers?

3. The people now known as Macedonians were called "Sklavines" by early Greek Byzantine chroniclers, but they were subsumed in the ninth century by another ethnic nation that would be a dominant power in the Balkans. What national group was this?
    The Bulgars
    The Uzbeks
    The Finns
    The Czechs

4. Macedonia was conquered in the fourteenth century by Tsar Stephen Dushan, who may have been the most powerful figure in Europe at the time. What nation was Dushan the ruler of?

5. Perhaps the defining turn of Balkan history came toward the close of the middle ages when most of the region came under the rule of a Muslim empire, and Macedonia is no exception. What empire was this?
    The Ottoman Turks
    The Huns
    The Mongols
    The Mughals

6. During the nineteenth century, the movements toward national independence in the Balkans were a thorny issue in "great power" politics, and the eventual fate of these countries, including Macedonia, was referred to as the "Eastern Question". After the Balkan Wars and World War I in the 1910s, a new state emerged grouping many Balkan nationalities, including Macedonia. What did this state come to be known as?
    The British Commonwealth
    The USSR

7. The period between World War I and World War II was marked by great tolerance of Macedonian distinctiveness by the Serb-dominated administration. Macedonia enjoyed its own independent Orthodox Church, and teachers were encouraged to instruct students in the unique vernacular of that nation.

8. Which of these most accurately describes Macedonia's economic development during the Cold War (1945-1991)?
    It was one of the fastest-developing areas of Eastern Europe, well ahead of peer republics Croatia and Slovenia
    It was one of the least-developed areas of Eastern Europe, lagging behind peer republics like Croatia and Slovenia
    It was a moderately-developing area, lagging behind Albania, but ahead of Czechoslovakia
    Cold-War communist republics like Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia all developed at exactly the same rate; this was the blessing of socialism

9. What momentous event in Macedonia's history occurred on September 8, 1991?
    Macedonia joined the USSR
    Macedonia's national team defeated Argentina in the World Cup
    Macedonia declared independence from Yugoslavia
    Macedonia joined NATO

10. In 2001, Macedonia faced an insurrection by an ethnic minority demanding constitutional recognition of language and other cultural--and civil--rights. What ethnic group was this?
    The Albanians
    The French
    The Romani (Gypsies)
    The Russians

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