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Ten Suspects, Ten Crimes

Created by darthrevan89

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Ten Suspects Ten Crimes game quiz
"There's been an unbelievable rash of crimes in the entertainment world, but don't worry. Your humble investigator always gets her suspect (well, almost always). How many of them can you name, given a few clues?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Moonshine in Mayberry, can you believe it? The stills will be hard to track down, but I've got my eye on a fellow who is purchasing the illegal intoxicant. Barney offered to let me take the patrol car, but my instincts tell me the suspect will come blundering into the jail at any time. What TV town drunk am I expecting?
    Otis Campbell
    Gomer Pyle
    Andy Taylor
    Floyd Lawson

2. Had a call from a man this morning about a vandalized car--I think he was the boyfriend of a woman who called not long ago. She wanted an investigation because she suspected him of cheating. I couldn't oblige, and now I suspect this singing "idol" gone and done something foolish. Who is she?
    Carrie Underwood
    Paula Abdul
    Katharine McPhee
    Kimberley Locke

3. When I arrive on the Minnesota prairie, the sight reminds me of a case I once read about in "On the Banks of Plum Creek." Every green thing is gone, just as it happened to Charles Ingalls and his family when they lived on Plum Creek. Based on that track record, whom do I suspect?
    Wild hogs

4. Something's amiss at the Opera Populaire, and it's all been caught on film. We've got falling backdrops, unhappy divas, strange notes, and now Christine Daae, the new soprano, has been kidnapped. Call me superstitious, but I have suspicions toward whom?
    The Twin Ghosts
    The Phantom
    The Headless Horseman

5. Newsflash! We have multiple reports coming in of toy abuse! Wait, the situation has just elevated. Our suspect has been seen leaving Pizza Planet with two hostages: a cowboy doll and some sort of space ranger. This will now require a rescue worthy of the movies. Who is the suspected toy torturer?
    Sid Phillips
    Potato Head
    Andy Davis
    T. Rex

6. Cock Robin is dead, killed by the arrow, and his funeral has already been planned out in true nursery-rhyme fashion. When called to investigate, the first thing I learn is that we have an eyewitness to the crime, called the Fly. What undeniable suspect does the Fly point me to?
    Mud hen

7. I'm in Reno, Nevada, where a man has been shot for apparently no reason other than the killer's amusement. He should have listened to his mama when she told him not to play with guns, because I'm sure to find him and I guarantee, he'll soon be singin' the blues. Who's my black-clad suspect?
    Arlo Guthrie
    Johnny Cash
    Glen Campbell
    Kenny Rogers

8. Baffling! It's a literary case worthy of Agatha Christie. Ten people murdered, and not another soul alive on the island. There's no way anyone could have left unseen, so it's almost as if the island itself were to blame. What is one of its names, coinciding with the nursery rhyme that matches the means of execution?
    Indian Island
    Shepherd's Island
    Spider Island
    Sixpence Island

9. 'Tis nearing Frabjous Day, and I'm going to a certain castle to investigate rumors of a murderous movie monarch. They are undoubtedly true, for when crossing the moat, I have to use the victims' remains as stepping-stones. Ghastly. Whom do I suspect of calling for these countless beheadings?
    The Red Queen
    Alice Kingsley
    The White Queen
    Mad Hatter

10. This is the ultimate crime at last! The evidence surrounds me. It looks like just another asteroid field, but the horrible truth is that these rocks are all that remain of planet Alderaan. I'd pin this on Darth Vader in a second, but the weapon of choice points me to what more likely cinematic suspect?
    Grand Moff Tarkin
    Count Dooku
    Leia Organa

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Compiled Jun 28 12