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Cook's Tours of the Pacific - New Zealand

Created by suomy

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Cooks Tours of the Pacific  New Zealand game quiz
"This part of the voyage takes an imaginary tour around New Zealand. The diary excerpts point to major towns or cities in modern-day New Zealand. Each excerpt includes an anagram. Can you work out the names of these places?"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. "... it was our first landing point in this new land and, despite the obvious fertility of the area, we were unable to get supplies and so I named it Poverty Bay. SOBERING really ..."
    Answer: (One Word (8 letters))

2. "... our botanists believe that the THIN LOAM they found would not support much agriculture, however I venture that this Waikato area will be great dairying country ..."
    Answer: (One Word (8 letters))

3. "... NOTING WELL my navigator's comments about how windy the place is, I nevertheless believe that it is a capital place and well-positioned to serve both islands ..."
    Answer: (One Word (10 letters))

4. "... with a good deal of LUCK AND A modicum of hard work, we have arrived in an area of natural harbours and 50 or so old volcanic cones. A great place for a big city ..."
    Answer: (One Word (8 letters))

5. "... I awoke in IRE when my NAP was disturbed. This place has such a Mediterranean feel. I think I'll name the bay after Sir Edward Hawke. It pays to keep in with the Admiralty ..."
    Answer: (One Word (6 letters))

6. "... Still in Hawke Bay, great to find the cook STASHING fresh food received from friendly Maori. These plains will certainly be good for orchards and vineyards in time ..."
    Answer: (One Word (8 letters))

7. "... Even with NO LENS to my eye, I could see that the unique eight mile (13 kilometer) boulder bank makes this place a natural haven at the top of South Island ..."
    Answer: (One Word (6 letters))

8. " ... our botanists laughing referred to the avian DIN at the sand DUNE on nearby Otago Peninsula. This was caused by a unique yellow-eyed penguin they found there ..."
    Answer: (One Word (7 letters))

9. "... remarkable alpine scenery (that would be a good name for those hills!), a lake and a good rest have left me ready to take a NEW QUEST ON. Those Norwegian ski runners would have a great time here in winter ..."
    Answer: (One Word (10 letters))

10. "... Plenty of resources here so I thought I'd call the area 'the Bay of Plenty'. I was admiring the nearby volcano cone with the local name of Mauao when I got presented with a doll today by the local chief - A RAG AUNT apparently ..."
    Answer: (One Word (8 letters))

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Compiled Jun 28 12