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The Conner Scrapbook Vol. 1

Created by HannahConner88

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : Roseanne
The Conner Scrapbook Vol 1 game quiz
"Open the Conner scrapbook and see how much you remember from "Roseanne"."

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. When the Conners go bowling, in order to get the information she needs Roseanne embarrasses Darlene until she caves. What does Roseanne say?
    I can't help myself, I must sing."
    "I can't help myself, I must dance."
    I can't help myself, I must bowl."
    I can't help myself, I must win."

2. When the Conners dress up to have their picture taken, what does Roseanne say when she enters the room in glamour mode?
    "Stunning ain't it, I brushed my teeth"
    "Stunning ain't it, a little soap and water"
    "Stunning ain't it, I clean up nice"
    "Stunning ain't it, it still fits"

3. What is Dwight's last name?


4. What is Ed Conner's motto?

    "Work smart, not dumb."
    "Work smart, not honest."
    "Work smart, not slow."
    " Work smart, not hard."

5. A day at the mall has Jackie pondering life's meaning and dwelling on the negative. When Roseanne asks Jackie "feel like a chili dog", what does she say?
    "And a french fry."
    "Among other things."
    "Yeah and a complete failure."
    "That's the irony of life."

6. When Roseanne and friends go to the Lobo to celebrate their elected exit from Welman Plastics, what does Roseanne jokingly say that her name is after Jackie's speech:
"It's high time we thank the woman responsible for our emancipation, my sister, ex-Welman employee, and a heck of a woman in her own right, what was your name again?"

    "They call me Mellow Yellow."
    "Conner, Roseanne Conner."
    "Sally Field."
    "Vanna White."

7. Who cannot find a hiding spot at the surprise party to celebrate Roseanne's new job, when Crystal has the idea that everyone should hide and yell surprise as Roseanne walks through the door?

8. Even though we do not see Darlene's first kiss, who does she say it is with?

    Barry Parker
    Billy Fox
    Brian Norero
    Mark Winstead

9. As Thanksgiving Day comes to a close, what does Roseanne say she would trade her family for?
    A dishwasher
    A maid
    A new family
    Nothing in all the world

10. Why are Jackie and Roseanne excited about Jackie's engagement to Gary Hall?
    Jackie can finally wear the wedding dress she bought three years ago
    Gary is rich
    Jackie Harris will have the same initials.
    Jackie is pregnant

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Compiled Jun 28 12