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A menu of international dishes!

Created by BRY2K

Fun Trivia : Quizzes : International Cuisine
A menu of international dishes game quiz
"Join me on a culinary trip around the world to match countries with their celebrated "national dishes". Safe travels and Bon Appétit!"

15 Points Per Correct Answer - No time limit  

1. Oh Canada! Our national culinary treasure is a French-inspired dish called "poutine". Poutine begins with fresh cut french fries. What two toppings are traditionally added to make them Canada's national favourite?
    Mayonnaise and sea salt
    Butter and parsley
    Gravy and cheese curds
    Maple syrup and ketchup

2. Ever had a falafel? It consists of spiced, deep fried balls of chick peas gently drizzled with a tahini-based sauce and wrapped inside a warm pita bread. Yum! What country proudly boasts this meal as its national favourite?

3. A delectable sauerkraut and meat stew called "bigos" is the disputed national dish for this country. In what world capital could one sup on this long-simmering stew?
    Cairo, Egypt
    Warsaw, Poland
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    Lima, Peru

4. Olé! One national dish from spicy Spain is a combination of shellfish and meats along with onions, garlic and tomatoes all tied together with saffron-flavoured rice. What is this patriotic plate called?
    Pisto Manchego (Spanish ratatouille)
    Chili con carne

5. In what central European country are you likely to sup on a heaping bowl of goulash (with paprika of course!)?

6. The national dish of India is curried beef with rice?

7. What dish, immortalized in a famous ode by poet Robbie Burns, is a Scottish delicacy comprised of oatmeal, sausage and suet wrapped up in a sheep's stomach?
    Answer: (One Word)

8. Along with Finnish green pea soup and Karelian pasties, a native of Helsinki might sit down to an entree of poronkäristys. What is the main ingredient in this savory meat dish?
    Arctic tern

9. Pho (pronounced "fuh") is a national dish of Vietnam. It features beef, noodles, ginger, pepper and coriander. In what form would one traditionally dine on Pho?
    On a skewer

10. One country's culinary pride is a dish with sliced eggplant, ground lamb, onions and béchamel sauce. Where in the world would one go for a sumptuous meal of moussaka?
    New Zealand
    South Africa

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